Jagan rule’s changing policies trigger uncertainty


Since day one, the Jaganmohan Reddy Government has been making decisions and implementing its policies without prior discussions and widespread debates both within and outside the administrative circles. This is eventually leading to confusion and forced changes in the policies. These changes are taking place often and repeatedly, triggering uncertainties and unwanted inconveniences.

Whether it is Polavaram, sand and liquor policies, or demolitions, the Government is getting caught on the wrong foot too often. The latest instance is the cutting down of liquor prices once again by over 25 to 30 per cent. Only in November, the prices were increased by 75 per cent with the grand objective to discourage the liquor lovers. Now, citing reasons of increased smuggling, the prices were again cut down. The Government’s liquor policy is a typical example of the ruling YCP’s inability to frame a reasonable and a long-term policy on any issue. It announced prohibition as its ultimate objective. Now, questions are being asked whether its prohibition policy would also be set aside because of the menace of inter-state smuggling.

On the issue of Polavaram, the latest stand of the YCP regime is to wash its hands of the all important project. But the YCP Ministers were still making confusion statements that their Government would ask the Centre to take over and construct Polaravam. Confusion Minister Botsa Satyanarayana says if it is required, the State would provide funds to finish the project. Only a few days ago, rumours spread that AP Government would not be able to complete Polaravam if the Centre does not provide Rs. 30,000 Cr for land acquisition and resettlement.

On sand prices and supply also, the Government changed its policies too often causing severe problems to people. Analysts say that at least now, the CM should start focusing on framing policies only after a thorough debate and planning so that there would be no need for frequent changes.

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  1. The main target is to spoil. AP Becoming Self sufficient State, And no competition at all to hyderabad. ( this was sucessfully implemented by stalling amaravathi first.

  2. Amaravati gone, Polavaram gone, Corona in, Floods in, Liquor rates increased, Sand rates are 2k then and 20k now, Petrol/Diesel rates increased, No proper salaries to government employees, No special status/package and all destruction with no construction.. these all are due to Jaggu Leg achievements..

    • Amaravati gone – Because of the corruption by previous govt , Polavaram gone – Again because of excessive quotes by previous govt., Corona in – Corona is not just in AP, how can you blame AP govt?, Floods in – Better to have more rains then no rains?, Liquor rates increased – Whats wrong? Sand rates are 2k then and 20k now-you said floods availabilty decreases.Petrol/Diesel rates increased – check crude oil price in wholesale market, No proper salaries to government employees – ask government. Employees, no issues for them why you worry., No special status/package – Special package accepted by previous govtand all destruction with no construction.. these all are due to Jaggu Leg achievements..

      • Crude oil rates same for all states or is it high for only AP?
        Polavaram excessive quotes by CBN? That’s fine, so what would Jaggu do.. simply leaving by crying foul..
        Equal rain fall is there in TS but sand rates are not like here..
        Jaggu is synonym for corruption, putting 30k farmers live on road in the name of corruption is a big joke..
        Zero development in these 1.5 years except all destruction by giving some 10k which will not make any difference these days…
        Think neutrally, you will understand it..

  3. AP people have already lost a lot due to unjust division of the united State. Its political parties should realise the need for creating a better and bright future for their people.


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