Kodali Nani blames TDP on Madhav’s video row


Gudivada firebrand MLA and former minister Kodali Nani pointed an accusing finger at the TDP for the MP Gorantla Madhav’s nude video. He expressed doubts over the TDP’s role in creating the video and circulating it in the social media.

Kodali Nani said that the TDP is known for spreading fake news and fake documents with the support of its media and different sources. He alleged that TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu was a synonym for creation of fake news and fake documents.

The former minister wondered how the TDP leaders got the video call made by Madhav, if their role and participation is not there. While rejecting the video as original, the former minister said that the TDP leaders must have created it in their office to defame the MP and the ruling YSR Congress as well.

Referring to a forensic report brought from US by the TDP leaders on the video, the former minister said that like the forensic report, the video too was created in the TDP office. He wondered how a video recorded while being played in another mobile could be called an original video.

He also advised the TDP leaders to send the video clip of the ‘note for vote’ for forensic analysis in the US and get the facts known to the people. He questioned the TDP leaders about what was stopping them from sending the note for vote video for a forensic test in the US lab.

Kodali Nani advised the TDP leaders to stop manufacturing fake documents and fake videos in the party office. He said that people are wise enough to judge the TDP’s claims and they are not ready to accept whatever the TDP leaders claim.

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