Media watch: Sakshi completely avoids Pawan speech


Sakshi news paper is known for extreme partiality when it comes to political news as it has the responsibility to work for its owner Jagan. It once again proved its biased nature by avoiding any sort of coverage to Pawan speech. Details as follows

Pawan Kalyan gave a terrific speech in the pre release function of Republic movie. The way he raised his voice against the government busted the myth that cinema people cannot fight with local governments. He exposed the reason why government wants to sell movie tickets. He explained that government wants to show that revenue as the government revenue to the banks and take loans from the banks. He also exposed the double standards of minister Perni Nani who says that he has brotherly feeling with Chiranjeevi but doesn’t help Film industry. He also mentioned that ysrcp leaders are crushing Telugu Film industry only to take revenge on Pawan Kalyan.

However, Sakshi paper, as expected, completely avoided Pawan speech in its paper. In fact it avoided complete Republic function. Only in digital version, it gave small snippet of Vaishnav’s appeal to fans to use helmets. But in print even that is not published. Of course, Sakshi has been banning Pawan speeches and his statements since long and so it didn’t surprise the audience.

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