Modi-Jagan not afraid of people’s agitations? Why?


There are two main agitations currently gathering speed in the country now. One is the farmers’ struggle in Delhi outskirts against the bills brought by the Modi Government. The other is the ‘Save Visakha Steel’ agitation going on in Andhra Pradesh. Besides this, the farmers, women and youth in Amaravati region have been waging a relentless stir against Capital shifting.

A lot of opposition along with debates are going on with regard to these agitations in public and on social media. Both the Centre and the State are under increasing pressure. Even then, both Modi and Jaganmohan Reddy seem to be least bothered about these popular agitations. This became more evident from the manner in which the Union Finance Minister has made her latest announcement on the Centre’s first stand for 100 percent privatisation of Visakha Steel.

Questions are being asked why the Modi-Jagan duo are not caring for and also not afraid of the people’s agitations. Analysts say that both of them are damn sure of their respective religious vote banks coupled with money and muscle power. In addition to this, there is the strength and support from the election managers like Prashant Kishore.

When the voters become less relevant in elections, then it is but natural that the elected parties would care even less for the very people who elect them.

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    • that is reason CBN is out and jagan came in. jagan will also be out in future and some one else will come. Atleast CBN brought companies and laid roads where jagan only increased taxes with zero development

      • Vachi one and half year ayndi
        Not 4 or 5 years
        Andulo one year corona ke poyndi
        Still cbn and Jagan
        Let him.complete 5 years atleast 4years
        And Jagan first time cm
        Cbn not
        So before concluding let’s wait

    • Cbn గట్టిగ ట్రై చేసాడు,అందుకే పగయ్యాడు. కానీ 6093బయపడుతున్నాడు.

  1. Because people are fools. Just caste , religion ,money , bottle. And biryani is enough. To these fools. No patriotisam. Or think about country or. State.


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