Modi talks in parliament about Congress snubbing NTR


Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned late NTR’s political career in parliament. While countering the allegations of Congress that , Modi is snubbing regional political parties, Narendra Modi commented that it is the culture of Congress party to snub the regional political parties and asked Congress party to recall what they have done to NTR and MGR.

It is known news that current CM Chandrababu Naidu took over the TDP party from NTR couple of decades back. The incident is always referred as “backstabbing” by the political parties. But, it seems, Modi was referring to another such backstabbing to NTR by Nadendla bhaskara Rao. Nadendla bhaskara Rao took over the party and it’s MLAs on to his side in 1983 and became chief minister. He survived in that post for a month. There were rumours that it was the Congress party that gave Nadendla Bhaskar Rao all the backend support during that time. Modi indirectly mentioned this event as he said he knows what Congress has done to NTR and MGR.

Much before this event of Nadendla Bhaskar Rao taking over the power from NTR, Congress Party led by Indira Gandhi did something similar to MGR. In fact Indira Gandhi and MGR were allies earlier. After Indira Gandhi’s emergency period, Congress party lost miserably through out country and Janata Party came into power with thumping majority. Almost all the parties that allied with Indira Gandhi and Congress in that elections also bit the dust at ballot box. However, in Tamilnadu , the situation was different and MGR led ADMK party got good number of seats despite allying with Congress, thanks to the immense popularity of the matinee Idol. But , as Congress lost the power at the centre, MGR also dumped Congress during the next state elections and that angered Indira Gandhi. So, when she came back to power after the collapse of Janata Party, she fully remembered what MGR did to her and ,as revenge, she suspended the Tamil Nadu state government by imposing president rule there.

So, Modi was referring in the parliament, these two incidents to counter the allegations of Congress Party on him about snubbing the regional parties. To be frank, when Congress was at its peak, it was very aggressive in snubbing the regional parties, especially during Indira Gandhi tenure. However, it is also true that, after Indira Gandhi, it is only Modi, who can be compared at that level in demonstrating such dictatorial style of working.

– Zuran ( @CriticZuran)

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