Modiji, Pl respect cooperative-federalism: Kavita


Nizambad MP and daughter of Telangana chief minister Kavita charged that Prime Minister Modi was not following the spirit of cooperative federalism. Criticizing that the Rs 1.65 lakh crore special package PM Modi announced for Bihar, which is going to polls soon, Kavita demanded Modi that he should treat all the states equally.

“Today in the country, we know that there is a lot of instability and discussion happening more on cooperative federalism, which Modiji has often spoken about. We are very sorry to say that he has not honored his words and he has not kept his promises. Cooperative federalism does not mean that you will only view states, which are going to elections. He (PM) has to have an equal view on all the states,” Kavita said in a statement.

According to Kavita the Bihar special package has not gone well with many states. “Look at all states in an equitable manner. Giving away Rs 1.25 lakh crore for Bihar, certainly has not gone (down) well with many states. We can only request the Prime Minister to ensure, that he looks upon all the states equally, she said advising a joint fight by Telugu states for the what is due to them. Otherwise, she cautioned, their voice would get lost in the vast nation.Despite their differences, she said,” If something has to be demanded from the Centre, I certainly believe that two people, people of two states, have to come together both politically and also people wise and then fight for our cause. Otherwise, in a country so huge, we cannot be heard.”

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