Modi’s popularity is fast nose-diving


An international survey by a prestigious approval rating tracker has proved once again that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity is falling down significantly. This year’s survey by American data intelligence firm Morning Consult says that while Modi is still the most popular in India, his ratings are falling down.

The survey report, which is out on Thursday evening, says that Modi’s approval ratings hav fallen down to 66 per cent from 75 per cent last year. The fall in just one year is a significant 9 per cent. The fall is clearly due to the inept handling of the Covid second wave in India, which left a trail of death and destruction in India. Also, there is a growing disenchantment with his handling of the economy also. Earlier, Modi’s approval ratings were the envy of every ruler. It was 84 per cent. From 84 per cent, the ratings fell down last year to 74 per cent. The latest approval ratings are at 66 per cent.

But there is some good news for Modi lovers. He still continues to top the chart of popular leaders across the world. The tracker, which surveyed 13 countries and their respective leaders, still puts Modi at the top of the chart. US president Joe Biden stands sixth among the 13 leaders. His approval ratings are 53 per cent. Vladimir Putin of Russia stands third, while Immanuel Macron of France stands fourth. Outgoing German chancellor Angela Merkel stands fifth.

The approval rating tracker puts Italian premier Mario Draghi next to Modi. His approval ratings are 65 per cent, just one per cent less than Modi. Mexican president Amlo has 63 per cent and he is in the third position.

Among all the 13 leaders studied, Japanese prime minister Sugo has the least approval ratings. He has just 29 per cent. So, it’s both a good news and bad news for Modi. The good news is he tops among the 13 leaders. But the bad news is – his popularity ratings are definitely nose-diving.

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