Are new movies ” Critically ill patients in ICU ” ?


The problem with selective perception is that the ‘self-narration’ often leads to pitiable fallouts. The narrative that movies are “critically ill patients in ICU” and that the “audience are doctors ” is whacky. Movies are those products which consumers choose and buy tickets exclusively for experiencing entertainment.

Reviewers are also a section of customers who watch the movie and take time to write their assessment. As per the accounting firm Deloitte, if you don’t have reviews, your potential patrons especially the modern consumers are less likely to make a purchase. Some reviews can be painful, but having no reviews is worse than bad reviews.

On the other hand, If the reviews aren’t exactly the Vox Populi, the reviewers are persecuted by the fans in the most disgusting way. People empathize with patients in ICU but are not entertained.

In an interview during “Jai Lava Kusa” promotions before its release, Tarak did drop hints for the reviewers by saying, “write reviews but do not use extremely negative words when someone tries innovative things, instead appreciate their attempt.”

However, the reviewers failed to understand that the seller was not selling a product of entertainment but a patient in ICU.

Either be in the state of denial or in the actor’s words, “just accept the whole package”, as there is only one way to avoid reviews or criticism – say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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