Never lost an election, but this biggie feels defeated


Why is TDP MLA Ganta Srinivasa Rao so silent these days? No media addresses… no party interactions… he has not even been meeting the party workers. He is confined to himself these days. Political leaders are finding this long silence quite intriguing.

After all, Ganta is known to be expressive and outgoing. He has his friends in the media and vast connections in politics. Yet, he has been keeping an extremely low profile these days. In fact, his resignation from the assembly is pending with Speaker Tammineni Sitaram. He is neither retracting it nor pressing for accepting it.

Sources say that in view of his attempts to leave the party and join the YSRCP, the TDP has written him off. No leader of worth is trying to meet him. But those close to Ganta Srinivasa Rao say that he has a litany of complaints. He is upset that the party’s top leadership is favouring his rival within the party –Ch Ayyanna Patrudu. His constant complaint is that Lokesh, who is focusing on Vizag and Bheemili these days, is in touch with leaders like Ayyanna, his close relative and MVVS Murthy’s son Bharat and other leaders, whom Ganta considers as his rivals.

Ganta is also said to be upset at the reports that Lokesh might choose to contest from Bheemili constituency in 2024. While there is no confirmation about this as of now, Ganta feels threatened and is worried. Ganta feels that he has to vacate the seat if Lokesh asks for it. Hence, he is said to be keeping silent and keeping away from party activities. But, Ganta is not exactly welcomed into any other party. The YSRCP has not rolled out a red carpet for him when he tried to get into the party. The BJP did hold some meetings, but then abandoned the idea of taking him in. So, Ganta, who has never suffered a defeat since 1999, is feeling checkmated politically.

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  1. Veedu verrodu. Avutunnadu. Narayana ki viyyakuntudu. Narayana babu ki nammakastudu. Last term babu ministry kuda ichhadu. Ippudu fight cheyyalsina time lo kaluguloki poyadu. Ayyanna patrudu. Old horse , bharat bala krishna alludu tdp lo kaboye strong leader , manchiga undalisindhi poyi tagada ante yetta. Chiru party pettagane a party loki poyina malli babu ticket ichhi ministry ichhi gouraviste. ……


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