Non-theatrical rights: A boost for Filmmakers


The coronavirus pandemic left the theatrical market in confusion and it takes years for the market to return back to the track. There has been huge scarcity for financial transactions in every field as the transactions came to a halt in the past few months. Most of the filmmakers are now relying on non-theatrical deals to keep themselves active.

Considering Tollywood, the non-theatrical deals for all the actors got increased after the attack of the pandemic. The Indian audience are watching the films from their neighboring languages and the viewership on the digital platforms reached all-time high. The dubbed versions of all the films are now available on the OTT platforms. Along with these, all the regional films are getting dubbed into the other languages and the producers are minting money through these rights. The digital, satellite and the Hindi dubbing rights of Telugu films increased remarkably in the recent months.

Though the theatrical market and deals are unpredictable, a part of them are being recovered through the non-theatrical rights by the filmmakers. With several pan Indian films getting ready in Tollywood, the filmmakers are in hope that the language barrier would completely vanish soon.

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