Pawan Kalyan has to transform fans into party workers


In politics words are weapons. Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is the one who is able to make the most of this weapon. He said that the problems of people are more important than movies. This is something which he has been conveying in different ways ever since he started his second innings in politics. AgriGold issue surfaced in 2015 and as of today 105 victims have committed suicides. Had this issue been more important than movies, wouldn’t he question in 2015 or at least in 2016? The actor cum politician conveyed that his party would fight along with left parties against the political powers that are extending support to the culprits.

YCP rocked the assembly over the AgriGold issue. But as everyone is aware TDP discussed Kodela and Sakshi. Why didn’t the Jana Sena chief question TDP over sidelining the issue? On the contrary, he felt that the Naidu government is not ignoring the problems of the victims. Unlike his previous meeting for handloom weavers, this AgriGold event was literally a political gimmick. He believed that allegations in government are pretty common. In the case of Uddanam Nephropathy, neither the Naidu government nor the Congress government ignored the research. They gave funding for the research but faced hiccups.

He reacted strongly for Uddanam Nephropathy and gave deadline, on the contrary he denied giving a deadline to AgriGold issue. It is apparent that setbacks in one scam is acceptable but not in another.

After the announcements made by the chief on the Jana Sena formation day, only one notification has come out that too a recruitment drive only in Anantapur. The party is looking for content writers, analysts and speakers. Writer, speaker, analyst … the plan looks cinematic or more of Engineering college campus recruitment. The recruiters will fly down from Hyderabad and will assign these responsibilities. This works perfectly for a software company or any business organization. But will the speaker gather the crowd like Kalyan does? Will the writer gain similar response on par with Actors tweets?

Jana Sena has been driven only by one-man who claims to have an army. Who are his majors, Brigadiers, colonels, field marshals? Where is the Jana Sena army? Who are the Sepoys? When will they speak?

The party organization is going at a snail pace. Allocations of the ground work has not yet begun. The most important thing for Kalyan is converting his fan base into party workers which did not happen, not even on social media. On twitter, Jana Sena party has 23k followers. Kalyan has 1.55M followers on twitter. How will these actor followers transform into party followers?

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