Prashant Kishore has his game plan for Telugu states


Election management wizard Prashant Kishore is currently on a plan to unite all the anti-BJP regional forces. He wants to bring them together to defeat the BJP. He has already met Nationalist Congress Party’s Sharad Pawar as part of his Mission 2024 blueprint.

But if highly placed sources are to be believed, Prashant Kishore had a highly secretive meeting with KTR too. It is being now revealed that KTR was very impressed by Prashant’s strategies. While papa KCR feels that his strategies are good enough to take on the BJP, KTR is said feel that PK will be a useful ally. KTR has always been a strong supporter of the tech-driven, strategy-guided poll management. He had used such systems in the 2018 elections very successfully. There is no way of knowing what transpired in the PK-KTR meeting, which was held long back.

Meanwhile, there are feelers that PK may not work for YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in 2024. One major reason is YS Jagan’s open alignment with the BJP. PK reportedly feels that Jagan will not fit into his scheme of things anymore. His pro-BJP stance will come in the way of forging an anti-BJP alliance. Though YS Jagan had said that PK would continue to give him feedback about his governance, it is not to be happening. Jagan has developed his own system of feedback through the village volunteers, a source said.

However, whether he would ally with the TDP in Andhra Pradesh too is unclear as PK’s former associate Robin Sharma is already advising the TDP.

But several questions still remain. Firstly who will be the face of the anti-BJP group – Sharad Pawar or Mamta Banerjee? Secondly, what will be the role of south India in the whole scheme of things ? Time alone will tell how PK manages these contradictions.

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