Ravi Prakash has no option but to start new channel?


TV 9 former CEO Ravi Prakash is standing at the cross roads. This is something not easy to digest for a professional who has worked hard for a decade and a half to make TV 9 what it is today. He has been levelling allegations against the Alanda Media and My Home Chairman Jupalli Rameswara Rao that they have conspired to take away the channel from his control. Still, Ravi Prakash has explained his emotional attachment and his desire to conduct shows for TV 9.

However, the new management is not at all interested in continuing or allowing Ravi Prakash to conduct shows on TV 9. They have made this clear already and they reiterated the same several times. It is because of this he has hinted at starting his own channel with the same determination to develop it.

TV industry is full of speculation that Ravi Prakash would have no chance left but to open his channel now. They are also saying TV 9 former CEO has taken it as a prestigious issue and he has already got a good forum to develop his new channel.

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