RK blames Modi along with KCR and Jagan on COVID issue


In the beginning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi actively initiated a country-wide awareness on Coronavirus preventive measures. His Janata Curfew and subsequent lockdowns came as huge inspiration for many. Despite economic impact, Modi continued his strong anti-virus measures. But, suddenly since a few days, Mr. Modi has taken a low profile. He almost fell silent in the all crucial exit period when the danger of virus infections is much more. ABN Radha Krishna says that Modi has also the twin Telugu CMs in his party BJP’s immediate agenda to win political games in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

For KCR, Coronavirus has become a bigger challenge than ever before while his priority is always politics. At times, he appeared to have taken a very serious note of virus preventive measures. But, COVID cases continued to rise amid complaints of lack of required steps from the Government to give proper treatments. The High Court has passed serious comments several times. It went to such an extent that comments were made on how dead bodies of Coronavirus patients were found in garbage heaps.

In Andhra Pradesh, CM Jagan Reddy has been changing his stands on virus preventive measures from time to time. Once, he said ‘virus comes and goes’. Later, he said ‘we have to coexist with the disease.’ He even took credit for saying this for the first time. But, CM Jagan gave priority to harassment of Opposition leaders even during Coronavirus period. While the PM and the two CMs are busy with their political agendas, the virus outbreak is threatening to spread more rapidly.

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