Siddharth’s Takkar Movie Review:


Takkar Movie Review

Takkar Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating: 2/5

Siddharth is one of the most talented actors of South Indian cinema. After delivering a series of hits, his career graph went down. He made his comeback in Tollywood with Maha Samudram but the film too ended up as a disaster. He is now testing his luck with Takkar which got released today. Here is the film of Takkar:


Takkar is the story of Gunasekhar alias Guns (Siddharth) who comes from a poor family who struggles to have minimum facilities for their living. Guns gets frustrated because of his life and dreams of turning rich. He lands in Vizag for his living and starts working as a driver for a rich businessman who owns a Mercedes Benz. In an unfortunate accident, the car meets with an accident and Guns signs an agreement to work for free to compensate for the loss for the businessman. Guns decided to kill himself but fails. He then decides to fight with a gang of goons led by Rowdy Raj (Abhimanyu Singh) so that they would kill him.

In this fight, Guns will turn brave and he escapes from the spot with a Benz car. Lucky (Divyansha Kaushik) gets kidnaped and she would be hidden in the same Benz. The rest of the story is all about the story of Lucky and her kidnap story. Takkar is all about what happens next.


Takkar starts off narrating the story of a youngster who gets frustrated because of his poverty. The first 20 minutes is good enough and the narration looks smooth. The chasing action episode with the goons is shot well. The next episodes are a huge letdown. Siddharth fights with a Chinese villain and the episodes of the lead actor attempting suicide are quite disappointing. The first half of Takkar is a mixed bag.

The second half of the film is a huge misfire. Though Gunasekhar moves to the city with an aim to earn money and turn rich, his journey makes him aimless. The love story is poorly written and executed. The second half of Takkar has nothing much to offer. The goons gang and the Chinese gang are after the lead actor throughout the second half of the film. There are no highs and twists in the second half. The comic episodes too fail to generate smiles. The last 20 minutes of the film look dragged after Gunasekhar saves Lucky.


Siddharth is a known actor and he does complete justice for his role. His look is new and he plays a loverboy in the second half of the film. His character is poorly written though Siddharth lived up to the expectations in the role. Divyansha Kaushik looks glamorous and her role brings a lot of confusion. Her role has different shades and this leaves the audience in confusion. Abhimanyu Singh’s role too offers nothing new. Yogi Babu’s Telugu dubbing is a huge misfire. Most of the other actors are Tamil faces and their roles will not get registered.

Takkar is a film with ok technical aspects. The camera work is good. There are a lot of songs in the film. The editing in the second half should have been better. Director Karthik starts the story on a decent note but the story gets a lot of deviations leaving the character of Guns aimless. With a lot of confusion in the second half, Takkar will not end up decent.


Takkar is a film that deviates badly from the major plot and it will end up as a disappointment.

Telugu360 Rating: 2/5

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