State Civil servants worried about aggressive Central Govt


Telangana Chief Minister KCR and the officialdom in the state is seeing a new, more strident, more aggressive and more belligerent BJP these days. Time was when the BJP leaders of the state used to meet KCR on the sly and enter into understanding with him. Now, the new leadership is not only aggressive, but is also getting ample support from the national leadership and those in the Central government.

Recently Bandi Sanjay was arrested while he was on a dharna at the party office in Karimnagar. The police roughed him up and bundled him into a vehicle after arresting him. Instead of supplicating, Bandi Sanjay slapped a privilege motion on the police. The Parliament immediately served notices on the police. Now the police are doing rounds of Delhi and are a worried lot. Sources in the administration say that their attempts to please the KCR dispensation have boomeranged on them.

Now, reports say that the police have openly colluded with TRS activists in attacking Nizamabad MP Dharmapuri Aravind, while he was on a tour of Aravind. The speaker of the Lok Sabha took up the issue suo motu and called Aravind to Delhi to know what happened in Armoor. He also asked the MP to file a complaint. Now, the police officials’ over enthusiasm is likely to prove quite costly for them.

The incident involving the deputation of senior IAS official Rajat Kumar too is causing tremors among the civil servants. In light of these incidents, the administration will now think twice before doing the bidding of the TRS government at the state. They would be worried about the repercussions of their actions. All this has left the administration confused and wary.

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