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Akhanda Movie Review : Mass Masala Flick

Akhanda review

Akhanda review

Telugu360 Rating 3/5

Murali Krishna (Balakrishna) is a rich person with good reputation in Anantapur district. Varada Rajulu (Srikanth) and his Godfather Swamiji run illegal mining business in the area. Balayya takes on the mafia because of his area people and kids get sick with the uranium mining effect. The powerful Swamiji use his clout to get Murali arrested, then enters the AKHANDA the savior. Rest of the film is about Akhanda ideology and his war on the evil


As with any Boyapati Balayya films, Hero character is designed as a people leader. Set in Ananthapuram , Murali Krishna ( Balakrishna) provides service to poor people by establishing hospitals. Saranya ( Pragya Jaiswal) who is district collector impressed by Murali’s works marries him. The introduction fight was good, Jai Jai Balayya song was impressive. After few routine scenes, Akhanda entry at interval is high voltage action episode. Overall, first half has some good mass elements. Post interval scene in police station followed by back-to-back high voltage action scenes fill the second half. Thaman’s background score is impressive it backs Balakrishna’s larger than life characterization.
The hero director duo who proved their strength in earlier films Simha, Legend this time a bit diluted in terms of emotions in the story. The mass appealing fights in second half are not coupled with strong story base.

The ‘Jai Balayya ‘ song , Interval blocks stand out in positive aspects. In second half, the scene in which Balakrishna explains the true meaning of ‘Ahimsa paramO dharmaha’ Hindu principles is highly impressive.

Production by Dwaraka Creations is adequate. Graphics could have been better done. Director Boyapati succeeded in what he is good at.

Nandamuri Balakrishna carries the movie on his shoulders end to end. His towering presence as Murali, his transformation into Akhanda role make him very special. His diction is impeccable while rendering sansrikt slokas as Akhanda and also while villain bashings as Murali. Pragya Jaiswal role is limited, she is impressive looks wise and performance as well. Hero Srikanth debuts as villain in this film, and he did quite well.

-Balakrishna’s performance
-Thaman’s background score
-Boyapati’s large scale fight sequence setup
-Heroism elevation scenes, Akhanda Theme

-Length of fights, too many of them
-Lack of strong emotions

‘Akhanda’ caters to the targeted segment of Fans and Masses. First half has some good mass elements, and second half is full of action sequences without much story. Balayya’s Akhanda character’s ferocious performance, Thaman’s outstanding background score, Jai Balayya Songs are the plus.

Telugu360 Rating 3/5


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