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State hopes to bring back Amaravati relics from UK


The Andhra Pradesh government is planning to bring back many artifacts related to its new capital city Amaravati, which are on display in the British Museum in London to Andhra Pradesh to be housed in the proposed Amaravati state museum. Chandrababu Naidu after visiting Singapore gallery is planning a similarly gallery or museum to put on display the entire history of Amaravati from prehistory to history to modern history to now in the form of capital city of Andhra Pradesh. According to IYR Krishna RAo, chief secretary of the state, about 30 to 40 artifacts that were excavated from and around Amaravati site are on the display at the British Museum. Rao visited the Museum recently.

The website of British Museum has all the artifacts unearthed near Amaravati on display. They are excavated from the site at Amaravati . All Amaravati related artifacts are on display in room 33a of the Museum which is called Amaravati Gallery. The Museum description of Amaravati is: “The Andhra region – located along the south-east coast – welcomed Buddhism and a stūpa, probably built to house a relic of the Buddha from the north was constructed at Amarāvatī. Between the second century BE and third century AD, ornate slabs carved with detailed models of the stūpa were added to its exterior and it was surrounded by a limestone railing. This was carved with lotus roundels, scenes of worship and depictions of events in the life of the Buddha,” Many of these carvings are on display in Room 33a. The artifacts include, Limestone drum slab depicting the birth of Prince Siddhartha, Limestone drum slab with carving on two sides, Fragment of a limestone pillar, Limestone panel depicting the Buddhapada, Limestone relief panel depicting the Great Departure of Prince Siddhartha, Limestone relief panel depicting a chakravartin, Limestone roundel depicting the worship of a reliquary, Limestone pillar depicting scenes from the life of Buddha.

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