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Krishnapatnam villagers oppose Anandaiah’s Omicron medicine distribution


Remember Dr Anandaiah, the man who claimed to have healed Covid positive patients with his herbal potions? He is back in the news again, but for wrong reasons. With the spike in the Omicron cases, Anandaiah has once again claimed that he has a cure for Omicron and that he would distribute it at his native village of Krishnapatnam.

The villagers are now opposing the distribution of the medicines. The villagers are questioning the rationale of distributing the medicine even before there are cases of Omicron infection/

The villagers on Monday stopped the distribution of the medicine. They said due to the distribution of medicine, there could be more infections in the village. They said that people from various parts of the country are descending on the village and this could lead to newer infections. They wanted Anandaiah to stop the distribution of the medicine.

A wordy duel ensued between Anandaiah and his villagers. An angry Anandaiah asked the locals as to why they were objecting when the medicine was being distributed at his residence. But, the people said that there could be carriers of infections and wanted him to stop distributing the medicine. This caused quite a commotion for several hours.

The police, who came to know about the argument, rushed to the spot and pacified both the groups. They told Anandaiah to distribute the medicine on the outskirts of the village so that the locals are spared of the traffic jam and other commotion. Anandaiah agreed to this and said he would soon set up a kiosk on the outskirts of the village.

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Where is Ayurvedic Anandaiah? Why isn’t he launching his party??


Remember Anandaiah, the man who created a splash with his Ayurvedic potion that cured even the most critical of the Covid patients? He created a sensation with his herbal eye drops that treated Covid patients from far and wide? Where is Anandaiah now?

Ever since he claimed that he would start a new political party, he is off the radar. There is literally no news about him. Anandaiah was originally an RSS worker in Nellore district, but later shifted to the YSRCP. He had worked for the YSRCP victory in several victories. But, somewhere along, he fell out with the YSRCP. He felt that the YSRCP was putting spokes in his work. He felt that the party was actually trying to exploit him. Finally, he could distribute his medicine only with the intervention of the court.

So, he started distancing himself from the YSRCP. He stopped meeting MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy, who initially backed him and stood by him. Then popularity and publicity forced him to think that he was capable of bigger things. So, he announced that he would start a new political party.

But, there is no grassroot level party work and Anandaiah too is no longer in the news. With the Covid receding to the background, the people too have largely stopped talking about him. When contacted, Anandaiah admitted that the party work is not making much progress. He said he would come up with his party in 2022. But, given the political situation in AP, will he really be able to launch a party and take on political biggies? Let’s wait and see.

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How Chevireddy turned “distributor” of Anandaiah medicine?


YSRCP MLA from Chandragiri in Chittoor, Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, is facing a strange problem. He has taken up an initiative to supply Anandaiah’s anti-Corona ayurvedic potion to every person in his constituency. Little did he realise that his well-intentioned move became a headache for himself.

Chevireddy has brought four of five associates of Anandaiah and collected the herbal ingredients to get the medicine prepared in his constituency. The medicine was neatly packed in a plastic box, with his and YS Jagan’s photograph. The medicine is now being distributed to various people in Chandragiri constituency. They felt the whole move would get him publicity and earn the good will of the voters.

But, the cost of making the medicine began shooting up. He thought the cost of the medicine would be around Rs 40 lakh and distribution would entail another Rs 10 lakh. But, the budget overshot and he is now forced to spend double of what he planned.

But, there were other problems too. His politician friends from across AP and even Telangana began calling him up for the medicine in large quantities. Not just YSRCP, but even the TDP and BjP leaders began calling him up for the medicine. Parcelling ten to fifteen carton loads of Anandaiah’s medicine is now becoming too much of an effort for him. He is now said to be worried about the cost of the making of the medicine. Distributing medicine for free in one’s constituency is one thing. But doing the same for friends and acquaintances all across the two states is too much of a burden for Chevireddy.

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AP website to sell Anandayya medicine triggers row


The ruling YSRCP and the opposition Telugu Desam are now locked in a heated political battle on the issue of online sale of Anandayya ayurvedic medicine. The TDP is saying that the YCP leaders are trying to make fast money in the name of online sale of ayurvedic medicine. Whereas, the YCP has begun filing cases against the TDP leaders who have made these allegations against the ruling party.

The controversy erupted after one Narmada Reddy started Sresita website to sell Anandayya medicine. This was started just a few days after the YCP MLA said that online sale of this medicine would begin soon. The TDP was questioning why a private operated the website and whether it was started without the permission of the YCP MLA.

On its part, the Government simply accused the TDP leaders of spreading false rumours. Hence, cases were filed against some TDP leaders in the Nellore district.
However, till now, there was no clarification from the Government side on whether it had a role in running the website or not. It remained a mystery whether Mr. Narmada Reddy had got necessary permissions or not. Obviously, the District Collector and the SP were staying away from this row considering how the local YCP MLA had taken all things into his hands from the beginning.

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China Jeeyar demands Govt approval for Anandaiah

Finally, the Hindu religious seers are also entering the scene to argue in favour of the Anandaiah ayurvedic medicine. In his latest appeal, China Jeeyar Swamiji has appealed to the Government to stop creating any further hurdles to the administering of the Coronavirus eye drops by Anandaiah.

The Swamiji asked where was the dispute when the Anandaiah medicine was giving good results and saving the lives of the patients. The rulers should accept the good that was happening regardless of the persons who were doing that. Why were the new protocols were suddenly brought in to obstruct the medicine?

China Jeeyar told the YCP Government that it was not correct to create controversies out of nothing during the difficult time of the pandemic. All the people were suffering. At such a time, the rulers should think of solving their problems but not creating more problems. The Hindu society had firm beliefs in ayurvedic medicine. However, it had welcomed and accepted the English medicine as well. This kind of accommodation should be there.

The Swamiji deplored that the present situation in AP was creating fears. One should give courage to the Corona patients but not demotivate them in this crucial time.

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