China Jeeyar demands Govt approval for Anandaiah


Finally, the Hindu religious seers are also entering the scene to argue in favour of the Anandaiah ayurvedic medicine. In his latest appeal, China Jeeyar Swamiji has appealed to the Government to stop creating any further hurdles to the administering of the Coronavirus eye drops by Anandaiah.

The Swamiji asked where was the dispute when the Anandaiah medicine was giving good results and saving the lives of the patients. The rulers should accept the good that was happening regardless of the persons who were doing that. Why were the new protocols were suddenly brought in to obstruct the medicine?

China Jeeyar told the YCP Government that it was not correct to create controversies out of nothing during the difficult time of the pandemic. All the people were suffering. At such a time, the rulers should think of solving their problems but not creating more problems. The Hindu society had firm beliefs in ayurvedic medicine. However, it had welcomed and accepted the English medicine as well. This kind of accommodation should be there.

The Swamiji deplored that the present situation in AP was creating fears. One should give courage to the Corona patients but not demotivate them in this crucial time.

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  1. A1. Ki poye kalam samipinchindhi. Janalaki ippudu purthiga ardam avutundhi. Ididopidi rajyam ani. Free ga mandhu ichhe anandaiaah. Ni musesi. Hospitals ni bagu chesi. J tax vasulu chesukuntunnaru.

  2. Where is that pink diamond Swamiji? Is their dharma not to help people when they are in need? Jeeyar has got good relations with KCR. Pray, use them to bring out Anandaiah and help people. Monopolistic cultures will only betray themselves..


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