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Arjuna Phalguna Review : An Insipid Film Devoid of Any Thrill

Arjuna Phalguna Review

Telugu360 Rating : 1.5/5


Situated with a backdrop of a small village in Godavari district, Arjuna Phalguna is the story of Arjun (Sree Vishnu), an unemployed youth who rushes to always help his friends. This nature of his lands him in trouble with the police as he and his friends plan to smuggle Ganja from Araku. The movie shows Arjun and his friends’ antics are try to escape the police and make money.


The movie opens with an interesting premise explaining the meaning behind the title ‘Arjuna Phalguna’. Typically, movies with rural backdrop are filled with native jokes in the first half. The director attempted the routine formula with village youth-based comedy, but this failed to generate any laughs. The team got it right with the nativity and the slang. The movie’s core point with regards with helping Arjun’s friend repay the family debt is boring. Sree Vishnu who is usually cast in urban based roles is seen in a village role with a mass characterization. The movie shifts to a crime thriller genre with the friends group taking up the Ganga smuggling contract. For a few minutes the movie picks up pace, but it doesn’t take the director much time to prove that he cannot deal with the crime thriller genre either. Pre climax, climax portions are of CI Subbaraju’s visit to the village – a silly thread to end 2 hours 5 minutes of a poorly made film. . ‘Godari valle sandamama ‘ song is good. Music director Priyadarshan did a good job for this song, lyrics are good as well.

The production values are mediocre. Individually Sree Vishnu, production house Matinee Entertainments are renowned for their good taste in choosing their films. This film is surprisingly bad choice for them. Director Teja Marni fails to make impression of any sort. The support cast is adequate. Sivaji Raja as hero’s father, V.K.Naresh as village karanam are right picks. Heroine Amrita Ayyar is not appealing.


  • Sree Vishnu
  • Godari Valle Sandamama song


  • Direction
  • Cheap production values
  • Weak story
  • Lack of any engaging elements

‘ Arjuna Phalguna’ is a film that is tough to sit through even on OTT streaming. A good title has been ruined by a weak story, poor direction, and lack of any engaging elements. A forgettable film for everyone involved.

Telugu360 Rating : 1.5/5

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