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Rajamouli Dragged Me to do Villain: Nasser, An Exclusive Interview

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ithout a villain, there is no hero, says critically acclaimed actor Nasser, who played protagonist in the much awaited multi-lingual Baahubali. As the movie heads to release amidst high expectations, we present you the exclusive interview of Nasser. Read on to know more about Baahubali secrets!

Why is Rajamouli unique?

I love working in mythology as I am from theater. I wait for such opportunities like fantasy, mythology. I have done various films but this is beyond Indian standards. Indian cinema has evolved to a great standard of an epic. What I like in Rajamouli is he hasn’t set a time and genre for himself. Simhadri, Sye and a spectacular Magadheera and suddenly he zeroes into a  fly and makes a blockbuster and now does such a gigantic Bahubali. He has surpassed himself in this process.

[pullquote position=”left”]Rajamouli dragged me to do villain, I like doing such roles. Without a villain there is no hero. I got really excited when he narrated the story, even then I never thought it would be in such a big canvas.[/pullquote]

 Any special effort?

I will put the same effort be it a big or a small film. It is not only my effort but the things happening around bring energy to you. Coffee tastes good but if you have the same coffee in various places. You get various feelings, you are spurred to imagine, to be creative and get energised. The energy and space Bahubali gave me is different. When you see thousands of people sweat it mentally and physically out for a thirty second shot, your response becomes intense.

Any comparisons to Bahubali?

Rajamouli dragged me to do villain. I like doing such roles. Without a villain there is no hero. I got really excited when he narrated the story; even then I never thought it would be in such a big canvas. It doesn’t mean there was extra effort but I tried to give shape for the character. The entire atmosphere gave me energy and multiplied. I am going to finish 500 films now. When I was learning theatre, acting, Mahabharat and Shakespear were major lessons in training. If an actor understands both the subjects, he can understand and handle anything. Bahubali was almost closer to a piece in Mahabharata. When you think of a big budget film, you have lot of characters and actors but here I am confined to six to seven pillars, so you know your importance in the film and naturally tend to give your best.

Tell us something about your role ?

I thought I must work 100 percent whether it is seen in the film or not. I know that I am mentally strong in the film, because of my physical inability, my intelligence is not recognised; that is where the jealous thought. When I  work, I see how and what amount of importance my role gets; later on it may get dissolved in hits and flops but my work ends by giving my best to the character. My soul is very happy after doing Bahubali. I am obviously in the second part too. This film had a requirement of more days and I thank the producers who compensated me well because of which I could sacrifice some films.

Your best moment?

Bahubali has already worked, wherever I go – Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kochi people enquire when Bahubali is releasing. It is already been sold and it is beyond a hero and a director’s film. The entire nation is waiting for the film and my best moment is the particular scene where I argue with the queen that my son deserves the throne. I really appreciate Rana and Prabhas who dedicated 3 years for this film; we hardly did anything in comparison.

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