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Flamboyant NTR lights up Bigg Boss – 1st episode review

Bigg Boss Telugu NTR

Tollywood Hero N Taraka Rama Rao in the promos of Bigg Boss Telugu assured the viewers bagful of entertainment. During the premiere, the Bigg Boss house in Lonavala saw the entry of 14 new contestants on Sunday. It is going to be 70 days of full on entertainment at the cost of contestants who are locked up under the same roof without any connection to the real world.

A debutante to the small screen, Tarak was lively. He is going to make the weekends entertaining with his hosting cum dancing skills along with his ability to bond with the contestants and audience. For the weekdays, Telugu360 has already informed you about the contestants who will combat for the Bigg Boss trophy. The premiere episode was glamorous and the best part was Tarak’s dance. Decked in a Black suit and red tie, Tarak thanked his audience first and hoped to enthral them with his high-energy levels.

The episode began with Tarak showing off his dancing skills on his hit song ‘Don’t Stop till you get enough’ which was top notch and a visual treat to the TV audience. Followed by that, the host gave a tour of the house virtually. Special mention, his favourite section was swimming pool. The house looks enormous and grand. Tarak also introduced Big Boss, who cannot be seen but can only be heard. Big Boss speaks only when he wants to and answers only to those questions that he wishes.

Every celebrity contestant was introduced. Only two male contestants performed, while all other female contestants either danced or sang. The first contestant to enter the house was Actress Archana followed by Sameer. Sameer picked the captain’s bed. If the rule of thumb is followed, captain runs the house and is safe from nominations. More contestants started gracing the house. Special mention about Sampoornesh Babu aka Narsimha Chary who already revealed his other side. Tarak kept the introductions sweet and simple. As contestants kept coming in, everybody seemed to be comfortable.

The opening performances of the contestants were just fine. Adarsh and Kalpana’s performances surely were good to watch. The rest of the dances were just adequate. Neither Dhanraj nor Sampoornesh could tickle your funny bone. Most of the contestants were just dressed up and did not make an effort to look stylish.

After Tarak officially locks the house, Bigg Boss welcomes the contestants and informs them about the rules that the mic should be worn all times, must converse in Telugu. In tomorrow’s episode, the contestants are asked to choose celebrities for the nominations. Three names Jyothy, Kartheeka and Sampoornesh were announced by Bigg Boss. He asks them to pick one which will be telecasted on Monday.

The choice to have Tarak host the show is going to work out in the favour of the first season of Bigg Boss. Initially Tarak heartily laughing was good, but as the show progressed it sounded infuriating. Suddenly his voice became abrasive and this could be the reason for his uninterrupted shooting. As per the reports he worked 8hours straight for the shoot without food or break. A first timer, Tarak’s hosting and energy levels were good.

The show is going to get TRPs like no show ever in Telugu. It would be interesting to see how long the energy and madness will remain.

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