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Chaavu Kaburu Challaga movie review

Chaavu Kaburu Challaga movie review

Telugu360 Rating: 2/5

Geetha Arts is back with one more small budget film Chaavu Kaburu Challaga that had Karthikeya and Lavanya Tripathi in the lead roles. Koushik is making his directorial debut with this mass and romantic entertainer. GA2 Pictures produced the film and Jakes Bejoy composed the music. Karthikeya who has been waiting for success for a long time pinned many hopes on Chaavu Kaburu Challaga. Here is the review of the film:


Basthi Balaraju (Karthikeya) is the driver for a mortuary van and is habitual of cremations and last rites of the people in the town. This turns out to be his celebration in life. One fine day, he falls for Mallika (Lavanya Tripathi) who is shattered after losing her husband. He loves her at first sight during the cremation of her husband. Balaraju takes his time and he finally convinces Mallika after which the real story starts. The rest of Chaavu Kaburu Challaga is all about the backstory of Balaraju’s mother and about the twist. Watch the film to know what happens exactly.


Tollywood audience always supported out-of-the-box ideas but these are successful only if the narration looks impressive. Chaavu Kaburu Challaga is one pale attempt that has an interesting idea but falls flat because of the treatment and the narration. The biggest drawback of the film is Chaavu Kaburu Challaga lacks a strong emotional connect. Balaraju loves a girl who loses her husband and at the same time, he supports his mother for her second marriage when her husband is alive. This doesn’t appeal to all the sections of the audience and is not narrated in a convincing manner.

Though the basic plot is convincing, the narration looks silly. The audience will not connect to the idea of the hero proposing a girl who lost her husband. The lead actor continues to poke her all over hinting at a second marriage promising her a great future. The other story of Basthi Balaraju’s mother too fails to impress the audience. There are several sensitive episodes between the mother and son, but they totally fall out. Tollywood audience are frankly not such broad-minded to accept a son who proposes second marriage to his mother when his father is still alive.

The interval block is quite emotional but the logic is not well justified in the second half of the film. Lavanya Tripathi who strongly opposes Balaraju’s love falls for him soon. The episode is hurried. The item song on Karthikeya and Anasuya is shot well. The entire second half is a washout.


Karthikeya does his best in the role of Basthi Balaraju. He is a good performer and he even improved well. Full marks for the actor but he is not choosing the right scripts. He is still banking on the success of RX 100 and it’s high time for the actor to make the right move. Lavanya Tripathi gets a de-glam role and she maintains the same pace throughout the film. Her character doesn’t have any highs. Aamani gets a decent role and she performed well. Murali Sharma does his part well as always. All the other actors are good.

Chaavu Kaburu Challaga has an interesting plot but the narration fails badly that the audience will never connect to most of the episodes. The emotional episodes make no impact. The screenplay and the narration are the major letdowns for the film. The cinematography work and the background score supported the film well. The production values of GA2 Pictures are good. Debutant Koushik tried new with an interesting plot with a philosophical touch. His attempt falls flat.


Chaavu Kaburu Challaga is an attempt that never appeals to the audience. A major surprise for the audience would be how Geetha Arts backed such an attempt.

Telugu360 Rating: 2/5

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