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Re-launch of Dalit Bandhu: Will Telangana have early elections again?


Is Telangana going to have early elections? In 2018, KCR had taken everyone by surprise by going in for early polls. The present government’s term is going to end in 2023.But is KCR planning to shock the opposition and go in for early polls by the end of this year? This is the hot topic of discussion in Telangana political circles these days.

Political watchers say that KCR Government’s plan to extend Dalit Bandhu to the whole state is an indication that he is planning to advance the elections. Insiders say that the Dalit Bandhu was actually meant for the 2023 elections. However, the unexpected Huzurabad elections forced KCR to pull out this hidden weapon. NThe scheme which was implemented in some parts of Huzurabad and Vasaamarri was stopped citing election code. Since then, the scheme has been kept in the cold storage.

Now KCR has once again brought the Dalit Bandhu out of the closet. He now says that the Dalit Bandhu would be extended to every assembly constituency by March this year. The government is likely to implement such a vote-catching scheme only if there are elections. Hence the political watchers say that there could be elections to Telangana state assembly towards the end of this year.

KCR told the district collectors to identify 100 people per constituency for the implementation of the scheme. The beneficiary would be selected in consultation with the local MLA, KCR said. This will help create a pro-KCR buzz in the dalit community, the TRS feels. Using this feel-good atmosphere, the party can romp home to power in the elections, say political watchers.

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Credit Rs 10 lakh and freeze: KCR’s Dalit Bandhu strategy!


Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao has launched Dalit Bandhu scheme in August first week in his adopted village Vasalamarri in Bhongir district. He released Rs 7.60 crore to extend Rs 10 lakh each to all 76 Dalit families in Vasalamarri.

KCR again formally launched Dalit Bandhu in Huzurabad on August 16. He released Rs 2,000 crore to cover all 20,000 Dalit families in Huzuruabad.

But the amount was not credited into the bank accounts of Dalits till September first week and the amount was lying with the district collectors.

The delay angered dalits in these two districts. Sensing this, KCR directed collectors to immediately transfer Rs 10 lakh each to Dalits.

Collectors transferred Rs 10 lakh each to Dalit beneficiaries in Huzurabad and Vasalamarri in the past four days.

Dalits celebrated the occasion as they received messages from banks on their mobile phones stating that their account was credited with Rs 10 lakh each.

Dalits tried to withdraw the amount soon after but the bank officials refused to give money saying that the collectors have frozen their accounts.

When Dalits approached Collectors and district officials they were told that the amount cannot be withdrawn unless they select one business unit on which they want to invest and that business idea should be financially viable.

Many dalits opted to buy tractors and cabs but collectors refused saying that if everyone purchases tractors and cabs, they will suffer losses as the business will not be viable.

Dalits are now breaking their heads how to withdraw the funds that are lying in their accounts.

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Another Rs 500 cr released for ‘Dalit Bandhu’ scheme in Huzurabad


The Telangana government on Thursday released another Rs 500 crore for implementation of Dalit Bandhu scheme, on a pilot basis, in Huzurabad Assembly constituency.

On the orders of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, the State SC Corporation released the money to the account of Karimnagar District Collector.

With this, Rs 2,000 crore target for implementation of the Dalit Bandhu scheme, as a pilot project, in Huzurabad has been achieved.

The Corporation released Rs 1,500 crore since August 23 while Rs 500 crore was made available on August 6.

The target of Rs 2,000 crore was announced by the chief minister while addressing a public meeting in the constituency.

Officials said that the government machinery has made all arrangements at the field level to take up the project. With the Rs 2,000 crore released as per orders of the CM, implementation of the Dalit Bandhu scheme will now begin on a war footing in accordance with the guidelines.

Under ‘Dalit Bandhu’, a brainchild of the Chief Minister, every beneficiary Dalit family will get Rs 10 lakh as grant and they will be free to chose their profession, self-employment or businesses for utilising the funds.

Addressing a public meeting on August 16 at Shalapaly in Huzurabad constituency to launch the scheme, the Chief Minister had announced that the government will disburse over Rs 2,000 crore to 21,000 Dalit families in Huzurabad in next two months.

He said there will be no selection of beneficiaries in Huzurabad Assembly segment, as the scheme will be implemented for all the Scheduled Caste (SC) families in a saturation mode.

Earlier, on August 5 the the government had released Rs 7.60 crore to extend the financial assistance to 76 Dalit families in Vasalamarri, a village adopted by the Chief Minister in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district.

While addressing the public meeting in Huzurabad, he declared that the all the 17 lakh Dalit families will be benefited from the scheme.

The population of Dalits in the state is 75 lakh population.

KCR, as Rao is popularly known, said that if Dalit Bandhu is implemented for all 17 lakh SC families in the state, it will cost Rs 1.7 lakh crore. He said the government will allocate Rs 30,000 crore to Rs 40,000 crore in the budget every year for 3 to 4 years.

He said to start with poorest of the poor among the SC families will receive the financial assistance.

However, the launch of the pilot from Huzurabad constituency has come under criticism from the opposition parties and some NGOs, who alleged that the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) is trying to lure Dalit voters.

Huzurabad seat fell vacant following resignation of former minister Eatala Rajender after he was dropped from Cabinet by KCR.

Rajender joined the BJP and is preparing to contest the bypoll as the saffron party candidate.

Both the Congress and the BJP alleged that the launch of Dalit Bandhu from Huzurabad shows the “desperation” of the ruling party.

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Dalit Bandhu scheme: Expensive or affordable for TRS Govt?


When Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao announced Dalit Bandhu scheme to extend Rs 10 lakh cash benefit to each Dalit family in the state, the first and foremost question and doubt that was expressed by all was whether it is possible for any government to implement such a scheme.

The other doubt that came up in one’s mind is why KCR opted for such a scheme which has huge financial implications on state exchequer.

However, TRS sources say KCR took the decision to implement Dalit Bandhu after exploring all the options.

They say KCR feels that Dalit Bandhu scheme is cheaper when compared with KCR’s earlier scheme of distributing 3-acre agriculture land for each Dalit family.

The 3-acre land scheme ended as a big flop as the TRS government stopped the scheme within two years due to unavailability of cultivable agriculture lands in Telangana and also expensive agriculture land prices in Telangana to purchase private lands and distribute them to Dalits.

When the government tried to purchase private lands, the prices were not less than Rs 10 lakh per acre in any part of the state.

To purchase 3 acres, it requires Rs 30 lakh to distribute 3-acres to each Dalit family.

Compared to this, KCR found Dalit Bandhu cheaper to extend to Rs 10 lakh cash to each family. In a way, the burden on TRS government has come down by Rs 20 lakh on each Dalit family.

Moreover, KCR felt that transferring Rs 10 lakh cash directly to bank accounts of each Dalit family will create more political impact and give more political mileage for TRS in elections than 3-acre lands.

So, KCR felt that there are dual advantages for TRS on account of Dalit Bandhu scheme. One is reducing government burden by Rs 20 lakh on each Dalit family and second is deriving more political mileage for TRS.

For this reason, KCR announced to extend Dalit Bandhu scheme to all the 17 lakh Dalit families in Telangana in next four to five years by spending Rs 1.70 lakh crore and by sanctioning Rs 40,000 crore per year.

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