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Eedu Gold Ehe Review : Misses the Target by Miles


Eedu Gold Ehe Review, Sunil Eedu Gold Ehe Movie Review

Telugu360 rating 2.25/5

Actor Sunil who scored remarkable hits in his career is back to race with his latest outing titled Eedu Gold Ehe. Veeru Potla directed the movie which is said to be a hilarious laugh riot. Sushma Raj and Richa Panai played the female leads in the movie which has been trending because of the released theatrical trailer. Anil Sunkara’s AK Entertainments produced Eedu Gold Ehe which is releasing on October 7th amidst huge competition. Here is the complete review of the movie which released today.


Eedu Gold Ehe is the story of Bangarraju (Sunil) who is an orphan and works whereever he feels comfortable. After a series of troubles he gets support from a family lead by Jayasudha who treats him like her elder son. He turns a helping hand for their business and during this time, he will be disturbed by Mahadev and his group of goons who runs a betting mafia. The rest of the film is why Mahadev hnts for Bangarraju? Who is Sunil Varma? What is the relation between Bangarraju and Sunil Varma? How will Bangarraju end up resolving all his problems forms the story of Eedu Gold Ehe.


Sunil performed the assigned role with ease and his performance has been one of the major highlights of the film. His comedy timing has been stupendous on screen. Sushmaraj and Richa Panai have been restricted completely for glamorous acts . Jayasudha, Naresh and Aravind their jobs with perfection. Prudhvi, Vennela Kishore and Shakalaka Shankar have been completely entertaining with their roles.

Technical Aspects:

The story is said to be a comedy thriller however it has been completely predictable and outdated. The screenplay of the film has been below the line and fails to impress the audience. The songs have been completely out of track however the background score has been decent. The cinematography looked impressive and the production values have been grand.


Eedu Gold Ehe has enough twists and twirls which are the major highlights of the film. They have been well placed and narrated well however the lose screenplay and the predictable plot make the film fall flat. The entire first half has been filled with many unwanted episodes that make no impact on the audience. The entertainment has been decent and the interval, pre-climax twists have been good. On the whole, with a lose screenplay and a bad narration, Eedu Gold Ehe fails to win the hearts of the audience.

Verdict: Eedu Gold Ehe is a film that lacks interesting plot and narration and it is completely based on entertainment. One more disappointment from Sunil.

Telugu360 rating 2.25/5

Story, screenplay, dialogues, direction: Veeru Potla
Banner: AK Entertainments
Cast: Sunil, Sushma Raj, Richa Panai, Jaya Sudha, Puneeth Issar, Naresh, Prudhvi, Posani, Vennela Kishore and Shakalaka Shankar
Music: Sagar Mahati
Fights: Ganesh
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Producer: Ramabrahmam Sunkara
Banner: AK Entertainments
Release date: October 7, 2016

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