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Evaru Review : A unique whodunit thriller

Evaru Review

Evaru Review

Telugu360 Rating 3/5

Adivi Sesh is one of the fewest actors in Tollywood who cultivated the taste to bring offbeat and novel films to audience. After tasting success with thrillers like Kshanam and Goodachari, Sesh is trying out his luck with yet another suspense thriller titled as Evaru.

Can Adivi Sesh continue his success streak with Evaru ? Let’s check out the verdict.

Story :

A Businessman’s wife Sameera (Regina Cassandra) has been charged for killing DSP Ashok Krishna (Naveen Chandra). In a pressmeet , She claims that she murdered him in self defence while a rape. Vikram (Sesh Adivi) steps in to help her with the case and seeks her sincerity and truth in resolving it. The story then runs around that one bad decision that lands the lives of few people in jeopard.

Analysis :

Evaru screenplay is written in such a way that it allows you a peak into the prime character’s psychology. Sameera is indeed a rich woman for having married her boss. It is a marriage of convenience and as Sam gets adventurous by going out with her paramour Ashok Krishna whom she intended to marry, meets with an accident. That is where the problem begins.

Evaru is neither complicated nor super stylish. By stylish we don’t mean there is a requirement of extravagant background and sets. It is just not grand in presentation , but that is not a real disadvantage. As the script goes on rapid pace with enough turns in the 2nd half, it covers for it.

The producer of the film has apparently bought the rights from the Badla makers who were inspired by The Invisible Guest. They did tweak it a bit and did a fairly good job of it. Except the prime two characters , casting should have been better. Debutant director Venkat Ramji succeeds in keeping the audience engaged in the second half of the story.

What works against the story a little is the predictability in Regina’s face, right from the beginning there is no trace of fear or vulnerability though we see the tears and the sombre look. Other than that her performance is Good. The climax is supposed to be the piece de resistance but the conversations between Sesh and Regina were bland, you tend to focus more on their dialogues ..as to who killed whom and why someone could be the prime suspect but there is no real acting from both the prime characters in that scene. Some extra effort could have taken the film to a  next level.Murali Sharma and the character who plays a terminally ill patient leave a mark.


The background score succeeds in heightening the tempo. The setting is mostly indoor in a cottage or some room but the hill station i.e the outdoors could have been highlighted in a far better way, otherwise cinematography is not bad. Production values are just okay , could have been better.

Positives :

  • Unpredictable plot
  • Crisp two hours run-time
  • Rapid unfolding of scenes in second half


  • Little slower first half
  • Casting of side characters

Verdict :

‘Evaru’ is an engaging thriller with numerous twists. Couple of twists are common with this genre films, but ‘ Evaru ‘ offers twist after twist and each time it has been presented convincingly. First half is Just Okay, it is the second half that offers the unpredictable and racy story. Regina , Adivi Sesh shine in author backed roles. A crisp two hour Good watch for those who like suspense / thrill stories.

Those who watched Hindi or French versions , obviously might not feel the thrill.

Telugu360 Rating 3/5

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