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Kittu Unnadu Jagratha Review – A Timepass Film !


Kittu Unnadu Jagratha movie review

After making an impressive debut with Uyyala Jampala, there is no looking back for young actor Raj Tarun. He made a mark for himself with promising films like Kumari 21F, Cinema Choopistha Mava and Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam. He is now ready to treat the audience with one more entertaining film titled Kittu Vunnadu Jagratha.

Let’s see if Raj Tarun can score one more hit and improve his success graph or not with this comedy caper.


Kittu ( Raj Tarun) along with his friends run a car repair center (Car Care). A customer named Janaki ( Anu Emmanuel ) calls in to inquire about her car delivery, Kittu immensely likes her voice. He plans to meet her while delivering the car, but gets kidnapped in that process. As Janu pays money to release him, their friendship turns to love.

One day Janu alias Janaki forgets 25 lakh cash bag in Kittu’s garage by mistake and goes home. Kittu & co immediately realize and inform her about the cash bag. Janu says she can collect the bag next morning. But on that ill-fated night, the bag is stolen by one of his friends. To keep his goodwill Kittu borrows the money from a lender (who is also notorious for Goonda-ism) , and hands over the cash to Janu.

To repay the money to the lender, Kittu and friends emerge as pet-dog kidnappers. A high profile black mailer A.R ( Arbaaz Khan) kidnaps Janu. Unknowingly, at the same time Kittu & gang kidnap her family’s pet-dog.

Rest of the story banks on the confusion comedy arise out of this situation.

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Kittu Unnadu Jagratha runs fully in comedy oriented mode. The director has struggled to establish the premise and present story in initial parts of the film. Had he successfully engaged the audience in first half, the fate of this film would have been different. A linear story telling would have helped enormously rather than the screenplay they opted now. With high production values, this film is supposed to be a racy hatke comedy style, but ended up as a loud one in parts.

Second half works out better, connects some missing dots from the first half. The confusion comedy arises when Janu & dog both are kidnapped at same time which is the best part of the film. However, for the youth to connect better, the chemistry between Kittu & Janu needed some emotion. Hamsa Nandini’s item song “Singapore Sirimalli” is another commercial element to the movie.

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Raj Tarun and Anu Emmanuel are good in their roles and acted well. Raj Tarun should focus on his dialogue delivery as few of his dialogues are not distinctly audible due to his speed diction.
Prudhvi as a don with night blindness did his character very well and evoked some laughter. However, now-a-days making fun of physical disabilities of people is not so happening especially in movies. Writer and director should check these aspects next time. Arbaaz Khan as villain is fine. The friends’ gang of the hero is adequate

Raghubabu character as fake baba could not deliver the needed comedy. This mediocre thread got more screen time, testing the patience of the audience.

Verdict :

Kittu Unnadu Jagratha is a kidnap comedy drama with a love story backdrop. With mediocre first half and average second half, this movie is worth a watch only if you like comedy films. Commercially this film will pay better in B, C centers than A. Just for time pass, this lavishly made film works out.

Telugu360 rating 2.75/5

Release Date : Mar 3rd, 2017
Director : Vamsi Krishna Naidu
Music director : Anup Rubens
Production : A.K.Entertainments
Cinematography : B.Rajashekar
Starring : Raj Tarun, Anu Emmanuel

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