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Nani’s Majnu Review : A Clean Entertainer


Majnu Review, Majnu Movie Review

TELUGU360.com Rating 3.25/5

Actor Nani, who is back in reckoning with back to back hits, is gearing up for the third release of the year, Majnu.  Directed by Uyyala Jampala fame Virinchi Varma, Majnu stars newbies Priya Shri and Anu Emanuel as the female leads. The trailers and posters caught up well with the audience. The music composed by Gopi Sundar garnered a good response from the music lovers. Anandi Arts,Keva Movies together produced the film which has hit the screens worldwide this Friday. Let’s us see if Majnu extends Nani’s dream run at the box office. Here is our complete analysis of the film.

Story :

Aditya (Nani), a native of Bheemavaram, works as an assistant director in SS Rajamouli’s team. He meets Suma (Priya Shri), an IT SAP consultant. Suma enjoys Aditya’s friendly banter and flirting and starts to fall for him. Aditya, being the decent guy he is, proceeds to tell her about his love for his hometown girl Kiran (Anu Emanuel) and his failure at keeping his love alive. His frankness further impresses Suma in spite of Aditya’s attempts to discourage her since he is still in love with Kiran. The twist to the plot arrives in the form of Kiran as she enters into Aditya’s life yet again.

So why did Kiran to walk away from Aditya in Bheemavara? Why did she come back again? How does Aditya handle the two women walking in and out of his life? Is there a clear answer to this seemingly triangular (?) love story?


Majnu is not a new concept with creative script, but it appeals to the audience. The light hearted scenes, visually appealing frames from the director Virinchi Varma, a classy touch to the overall treatment work in favor of the movie. The director made sure that the audience in engaged and entertained all through the movie, making it a pleasant watch.

The vital aspect of this movie is the Aditya-Kiran love story in Bheemavaram. The director has established the sensibilities of the two lovers to perfection. His portrayal of their histrionics is very natural and excellent. A couple of scenes that standout are the auto rickshaw scene with Chiranjeevi’s Malli Malli idi Raani Roju playing in the background and the birthday scene with Aditya and Kiran in her bedroom. Nothing new or crazy on the Aditya-Suma flirt episodes, but they are good enough to be liked.

The director has taken good care with songs and they blend beautifully into the story and are well received. The first four songs take place in the first 45 minutes of the movie and yet acceptable due the soothing music and good lyrics. Music director Gopi Sundar should be applauded for his expertize here. The song ‘Oyyy…. Megham la… TelindEy na chinni manaseY’ is definitely the best song in the lot with the party song ‘Andamaina Chandamama’ coming in as a close runner up. The songs ‘Kallu Moosi…’ and ‘Jaare Jaare.’ are nice melody numbers while the first song ‘Aadara nee ishtam aadaraa’ featuring a flash dance is average.

On the flip side, the rationale behind Kiran’s change of mind (twice) is not explained well. The first half of the movie contains some feel good moments, while the second hand is dealt with more comedy instead of progressing as an emotional story. Highlighting the emotions could have made this movie memorable.

Vennela Kishore’s comical role in the second half turned out good. Very good photography and editing by Gnansekhar and Pravin Pudi. Good production values from Gemini Kiran’s Anandi Arts and Keva Movies.

Actors :
Nani, a versatile actor, played the protagonist role with ease. His effortless acting brings the character to life.

The two debutante heroines, though not great looking, are good fit for their roles. Anu Emanuel as Kiran is lovely in her half sarees and the occasional modern wear. Skinny Priya Shri as Suma is OK, her trendy costumes look good. The makeup and costumes department should be appreciated.

Posani Krishna Murali’s comical role in the first half; Vennela Kishore’s comedy in the second half
Special appearance by S.S. Rajamouli in the first and last scenes of the movie. Clearly Rajamouli enjoyed playing himself on the big screen. The satire on himself and Prabhas’ marriage (linked to Bahubali -3) is very hilarious.

Special appearance by Raj Tarun in the climax.

Positives :

-Lighter vein subject with a classy touch
-Natural Star Nani’s performance
-Clean and situational comedy
-Bheemavaram Love story
-The two debutante heroines did a good job in their first movie

Negatives :

-No strong enough reason for Kiran changing her mind.
-Cliché pre-climax
-Predictable second half

Verdict :

Majnu is a clean and classy entertainer. No heavy moments or boringly routine scenes, it’s all about love, music and fun. The second half is a bit predictable though. At the Box Office, the range might depend on the competition and the off-season may impact openings. Definitely another great success on the cards for the Hit machine Nani. A definite must watch for entertaining evenings (or mornings!).

TELUGU360.com Rating 3.25/5

Release Date : September 23, 2016
Director : Virinchi Varma
Music director: Gopi Sunder
Production Company: Anandi Arts, Keva Movies
Cinematography : Gnanasekhar
Starring : Nani, Anu Emmanuel, Vennela Kishore

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