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” Nenu Local ” Review : A youthful entertainer !


Nenu Local Movie Review

Nenu Local Review

Telugu360 Rating : 3/5

Nani is one of the most bankable actors in Tollywood at present. All his recent movies proved to be a safe bet for all parties involved. He bagged back to back hits in the last two years and phenomenally improved his box office stamina.

After playing the boy next door roles in his recent movies, the Natural star is going to be seen as a happy-go-lucky engineering student. Nenu Local is directed by N. Trinadh Rao and has happening beauty Keerthy Suresh playing Nani’s love interest. The impressive trailer has furthered the expectations on the film. The pre release business is promising and the film is set for a good opening today( Feb 3rd).

Let’s see if Nani can continue his success streak with Nenu Local or not. Here is the detailed review of Telugu360

Local boy Babu (Nani) is a happy go lucky guy with absolutely no direction or purpose in life. As a B.Tech student, he makes numerous attempts to clear his under grad backlogs. At this time in his life, he chances upon Keerthy (Keerthy Suresh), a perky, cheerful girl from a loving, affectionate family. Babu tries his best to woo Keerthy, but all his initial attempts are thwarted. Just like his never ending attempts to clear his backlogs, Babu does not give up and finally wins her over. With the love track going smooth, its just the time for the twist in the movie. It looks like a typical father of the girl opposing the love, only in this story, the father of the girl is also Babu’s professor from B.Tech. Eventually Keerthy promises her dad that she will choose her life partner as per his wishes. The rest of the story follows Babu as he resolves all the issues and gets his girl – the director and the dialogues going a long way in making this movie fun to watch.

Lead Actors:

Nani’s reputation as Natural Star is so apt as he delivers a knock out performance, yet again. Employing his renowned comedy timing, along with the newly introduced mass histrionics, Nani takes “Nenu Local’ on the success path. Keerthy Suresh is well suited for the role, her facial features a right fit for the leading lady. Her performance is good, though a little workout time is not a bad idea. Andala Rakshasi fame Naveen Chandra is a surprise but a good surprise. Posani Murali Krishna acted in a hilarious role, thankfully not going overboard. His scenes with Sachin Kedekar (who played Keerthy’s dad) are a riot!


Nenu Local is a time tested formula, which is very well molded to suit Nani’s body language. The hero’s characterization is one of the strongest points of this movie and the hero’s dialogues and the attitude can be expected to connect well with the youth. A lot of funny one liners and youth oriented dialogues are packed into this latest entertainment from Nani. Coming to the love track, it starts off as a typical boy tries to get the girl to fall for him thread. It slowly progresses into a well etched story midway, but falls into the commercial trap towards the end – just like the movie content.

All but one song are pretty average, both in terms of tunes and the making. Generally for these genre movies, the commercial range is very dependent on the producer’s ability/willingness to spend big money on. It is not unusual for movies with non-saleable cast or other business constraints, to work on shoestring budget – in fact it’s quite understandable and actually appreciated. However, one would think that with Nani’s dates confirmed on a well-known banner, the production house would try to elevate the movie and the hero to next level. Unfortunately that is not the case with Nenu Local. This movie proves a point ‘What you pay is what you get’ to production house. That said, director Trinadha Rao does deliver a commercially well packaged movie which will for sure be a minimum guarantee.

On the technical departments, Devi Sri scored well on three songs, though the background score could have been better. Nizar Shafi’s photography is average, adds to the local flavor of the movie. Editing is crisp and editor Prawin Pudi proves once again that he is the best fit for this kind of movies.


  • Nani – the ease in his performance, his comedy timing and the mass histrionics
  • Screenplay and Dialogues from Prasanna Kumar Bezawada
  • Theme appeals to today’s youth
  • Clean comedy, no dull moments


  • A routine run of the mill story
  • Second half is pretty predictable, nothing in new in terms of treatment
  • Songs could have been so much better

Verdict :

Nenu Local is a typical comedy entertainer. The first half is a major asset to the movie, second half is OK. If you don’t mind typical formula movie or you like a Nani movie, go for it. While youth segment of audience may embrace, others may opine this as an average content movie. Regardless, yet another minimum guarantee film for Nani & Dil Raju.

Telugu360 Rating : 3/5

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