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Nisha Kothari Speaks About Bullet Rani

In Bullet Rani, Nisha Kothari, a police officer faces problems from a high command of a political party.There is no hero but there are four songs and five action sequences in this out and out commercial masala film. Nisha Kothari gets hit by six bullets and she emerges unscathed, continues to fight and earns the sobriquet Bullet Rani. Director Sajid Qureshi says he selected Nisha Kothari as he was looking for  someone with a bold image and she fit the bill perfectly. A chat with the sultry item babe, heroine who dons a cop’s uniform and a lathi to teach the erring politicians and rowdies a lesson.

Is this your first action film?

Yes, I love being a cop and enjoyed the shoot. This is a rare opportunity and I wanted to seize it. I am a tough person from within so it came naturally to me to play a police officer and moreover it is a beautiful role and it is always nice to do something different. When you get into the character, when you wear the costumes and lines are given to you, you are supposed to be believe what your director says. I did just that. Courage, dignity are qualities that appeal to me a lot and are inherent in me, this is a thorough commercial and an entertaining film. Bullet Rani goes out to take action on those criminals and when someone doesn’t listen to her she uses a bullet. When you deal with village rowdies you can’t talk to them, you make sense but they don’t – so in such situations this works.

How have you grown as an actor?

My film released in 2005 and it is ten years since I have been here. As a person you get to learn a lot. I always tell my friends that I live and die as Nisha but when you get into movies you experience many characters, get an insight which makes you grow as a person. I heard a quote of Osho..the luckiest person is one who gets to do something related to arts, it makes them grow spiritually. I met people, traveled, got fame and money and recognition and made some beautiful friends. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Are you happy with your career?

I am extremely thankful to RGV, he has been very kind in giving me a break. When you are actor and you are an outsider you don’t dictate. You choose from what best is given to you. We all have dreams but everything doesn’t turn around according to our choice. I feel we should move on, when things are right, time is right..everything will fall in place. For ten years I have been a part of movies. I just wanted to be an actor, it was a dream, When I got my first film I thought that was enough and my dream was fulfilled but I have been going on for ten years. Am I not lucky?

How did you hang on for ten years?

Now a days competition is too high. Years back, becoming an actor wasn’t appealing to all as family members didn’t support. Now it is different, there is exposure, there is value , money and respect. The girls these days have no patience and are taking short cut. If  you are attached to the actor tag, take your status too personally and let the ego get to you it gets difficult to handle it. Depression takes over when expectations are too high. If you do something now and you want the result tomorrow, it doesn’t work and it is not the right attitude either. A tree doesn’t grow in one day. I follow yoga and meditation, that helps a lot. If we adopt a correct regimen, it helps. Bad life style, drugs, suicide, no parental support and time, lack of love in life also affects. I am a student of this universe, I am not an actor first. Tomorrow I find something better as a career I will take it up. Last month in USA I did a workshop, spoke everyday on yoga and meditation, motivational activity. My life is open, no key. I keep my future open.



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