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PETTA Review – It’s a fans’ thing !

Petta review, peta review

Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5


Kaali (Rajinikanth) joins as a hostel warden in an educational institution. He wins the hearts of the students by eradicating ragging gangs, poor quality food supplying contractor etc. The reason why such a powerful man joined as a warden is revealed 2nd half. Set in Petta, Petta Veerudu supports an inter religion marriage in simhachalam (Nawazuddin siddiqui) family. Angered Simhachalam kills Kaali family and escapes to Uttar Pradesh. Rest of the film revolves around how Kaali takes revenge on simhachalam who turns a mafia don in UP


This film belongs to Rajini out and out. Rajini’s vintage mannerisms like Cigarette smoking, flicking of hair etc are revisited with added class touch. The result is superb for fans as they can see their idol Rajinikanth’s swag after a while. After Rajini it is Vijay Sethupathi ,Nawazuddhin who steal the show with their stellar performances. Simran and Trisha have very limited screen time, they are okay. ABobby simha played senior ragging gang leader in the college, he is adequate. Meghaa akash got a noticeable role


PETTA/ PETA has been made Rajini fans in mind. Right from the word go, director Karthik Subbaraj inserted scenes written aiming at showcasing Rajini’s swag. He succeeds in bringing back Rajini’s charismatic styles but entire first half there isn’t a bit of story revealed. The simran – rajinikanth thread is pleasant, few scenes the way Rajini treats villains are very good. First half is just below the average bar. Second half starts with revealing flashback. For these type of films, an engaging flashback is very key to the success, and that is where this film falls flat. The cliched flashback takes out interest from audience mind, rest of the proceedings in UttarPradesh seem farcical.

Second half is boring and prolonged in length. The derailed pre climax and climax scenes test patience. However, the penultimate scene is good which explains ‘Rajatantram‘ . This film is technically strong as music director Anirudh, cinematographer Tirru etc have delivered top notch work


  • Vintage Rajini styles
  • Technical aspects
  • Two songs picturisation
  • Vijay sethupathi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui characters


  • Clichéd story, poor flashback
  • Boring second half, mediocre first half


PETTA is a film strictly aimed at fans, successfully caters them ’alone ‘. Petta has a clichéd story, adding salt to the wounds it has poorly made second half. Rajini’s vintage mannerisms, his stylish looks are the saving grace in this high budgeted film. Except the core fans and masses, others may find this film disappointing. Young director Karthik Subbaraj couldn’t make the cut.

Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5

Release date: 10 January 2019
Director: Karthik Subbaraj G.
Music director: Anirudh Ravichander
Cast : Rajinikanth, Simran

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Nawazuddin looks South Indian, says ‘Petta’ director


Karthik Subbaraj, director of Tamil film “Petta”, was confident that Hindi film actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui could pull off a South Indian character in the Rajinikanth-starrer.

A Rajinikanth fan, Subbaraj also loves Nawazuddin’s body of work and versatility. “Petta” will release in Tamil on Thursday, and its Hindi dubbed version will hit the screens a day later.

The director’s face lit up when asked about Nawazuddin.

I am a big fan of his. According to me, he looks South Indian. I was confident he could pull off a South Indian character,” Subbaraj said.

Excerpts from the interview:

Just hours away from release… Are you nervous?

Yeah, now that it’s finally happening, I am nervous and anxious. It’s very mixed feelings. But for me the most important thing right now is to go watch the film with the audience. I’ve to join Rajini sir’s fans in th theatres because I will be watching ‘Petta’ not as a filmmaker, but a fan.

Will you be watching it first day first show?

I watch all his films the first day. Now I will be watching my own film with Rajini sir. It’s unbelievable. I will be watching it the entire day on Thursday (on release). I’ve watched it a hundred times during editing. Now I want to see what the reaction would be to specific shots and dialogues. I just want to see the audiences’ reaction. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. For me, this is like a dream come true… When I started making films, my first wish was to show them to Rajini sir. By God’s grace, I’ve been able to go far beyond my dream.

Has he seen your previous films?

Yes, he saw my first film “Pizza” and called me to say he liked it. Then he saw “Jigarthanda”. After that, we met. When he expressed his appreciation for my work, I gained the confidence to be able to make a film with him. Three years back, I pitched the script for ‘Petta’ to him. He liked the script. And he said he will work in my film. But we didn’t agree on a time frame.

What did you think of Rajinikanth as an actor?

Dedicated, inspiring, exceptional and so sincere. His self discipline is motivational. He prepares for every scene. If it’s an important scene, he begins to make inquiries from a day before. He is so involved. It’s amazing.

Has he done his own action scenes?

Yes, he has done all the stunts. And he has some very elaborate dancing to do. You have to see his energy level. I felt he was younger than me. “Petta” is a proper masala entertainer, the kind Rajini sir’s fans enjoy the most. There’s no politics in this film at all. This time he is only an entertainer.

You have two established heroines — Trisha and Simran — in “Petta”. Do they have enough to do?

They have well-established characters to play. But “Petta” is obviously not about them. It is Rajini sir’s film. But the heroines are no props. They move the story forward. Also, I wanted the heroines to look well matched with Rajini sir.

Finally, Nawazuddin?

(lights up) I am a big fan of his. According to me, he looks South Indian. I was confident he could pull off a South Indian character. He was worried about the Tamil lines. He put in a lot of effort to say his Tamil lines with feeling. But he hasn’t dubbed his own lines in the Tamil version. But you can see in his performance that he understands his lines.

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Petta Telugu producer takes a dig on Tollywood again


Ashok Vallabhaneni acquired the Telugu theatrical rights of Rajinikanth’s Petta which is slated for January 10th release. During the pre-release event, Ashok made sensational comments on Allu Aravind, Dil Raju and UV Creations comparing them with dogs. He called them a mafia and revealed that they should be shot. Dil Raju and Bunny Vaas stepped out with responsibility and explained the situations despite of Ashok using foul language.

For the second time in a row Ashok targeted Dil Raju and Allu Aravind during a tv interaction. Ashok made unusual comments targeting the families of these top producers which did not go well with many. During a debate in tv9 studio, he said that all these producers will soon be slapped with slippers. Despite of several warnings, Ashok continued using un-parliamentary language and he was asked to walk out of tv9 studio. The host was frustrated with his words and asked Ashok to leave the studio from the live debate.

Before this, Bunny Vaas asked these filmmakers not to lose their patience and review the situations. Dil Raju reminded that the release dates of Telugu films have been announced six months ago.

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Dil Raju responds on Petta controversy

Petta Telugu theatrical rights have been acquired by Ashok Vallabhaneni and he made some unusual and harsh comments on Dil Raju, Allu Aravind and UV Creations that most of the theatres have been blocked for their films. He called them dogs and this triggered controversies all over. Top producer Dil Raju produced F2 and is distributing Vinaya Vidheya Rama for Nizam and Vizag territories. Both the films are hitting the screens during this season.

Responding on this Raju said “All the Telugu films NTR, Vinaya Vidheya Rama and F2 release dates have been announced six months ago. Ashok was saying that he wanted to release Petta on January 18th but soon joined the race. I lost lot of money last year as a distributor. We are finding it tough to accommodate theatres for three Telugu films during this Sankranthi season. It is not fair for Ashok Vallabhaneni to make such comments” said Dil Raju in an official statement.

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