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Rangabali movie review : A Disappointment


Rangabali movie review

Telugu 360 Rating: 2.25/5

Young actor Naga Shaurya failed to make his magic at the box-office for a long time. He sounds very confident on Rangabali, a mass entertainer. During the promotions, he said that he wants a blockbuster film and not a hit film. He also announced that Rangabali will leave the producer in huge profits. Pawan is making his directorial debut with this film and Yukti Thareja is the leading lady. Sudhakar Cherukuri bankrolled Rangabali and the film was released today. Here is the review of Rangabali:


Naga Shaurya (Naga Shaurya) hails from Rajavaram, a small village. He is a man of showing and he overhypes himself. His father owns a medical shop in Rangabali Center. Shaurya is a youngster without responsibilities and he stays busy roaming with his friends. He loves his village so much and he decides to stay in his village till his last breath. Shaurya’s father sends him to Vizag to pursue his career in Pharmacy. Shaurya falls in love with Sahaja (Yukti Thareja) in the college. In no time, Sahaj’s father (Murali Sharma) gives a positive nod for their love.

Soon Sahaja’s father also turns a speed breaker after he comes to know that Shaurya comes from Rangabali center in Rajavaram. He asks Shaurya to settle in Vizag and the rest of Rangabali is all about the backstory and how Shaurya crosses all the barriers to win his love.


Rangabali first half offers nothing except entertainment. The plot is not much touched and the director focused completely on the entertainment. The first half banks on entertainment without any boring episodes though the real plot doesn’t get unveiled. Satya and his comic episodes are the major highlights of the first half of the film. Rangabali will stand as one of the best films for Satya in his career. His comic timing is just hilarious. The audience will forget about the film’s genre and the plot because of Satya and his comedy.

Rangabali has an interesting plot. The challenges faced by the lead actor were never discussed. The name of Rangabali Centre has to be changed for Shaurya to win his love. Though it sounds quite simple, the real fight starts in this process. Satya tops the show again in the bomb episode. But the film derails completely in the second half. Sarath Kumar track fails to impress the audience. The graph in the second half comes down completely. The director gets confused completely in handling the second half of Rangabali.

The audience will be left clueless because of some of the episodes. The relationship between Shaurya and Rangareddy looks silly and the episodes missed the needed logic. The film’s director handled entertainment well but he fails in handling the major plot. The climax portion falls flat.


Naga Shaurya excelled with his screen presence and performance. He worked well on his physique and he carried simple outfits throughout the film. His timing too was very good and he did well in the action episodes. Yukti Thareja looked beautiful on screen and she was apt for the role. She looked glamorous in one of the songs. Satya is the other hero of the film and he carried the entire first half on his shoulders. Rajkumar was good as a tailor. Shine Tom Chacko’s role was not well penned. Sarath Kumar excelled with his presence in the limited role. Goparaju Ramana and Murali Sharma were good.

Rangabali has an interesting plot but it suffers bad execution. The songs are unimpressive but the background score was good. The cinematography work and the production values are the other highlights of Rangabali. The dialogues in the comic episodes are hilarious.

Verdict: Rangabali starts off on a decent note with hilarious entertainment but the film falls flat because of the bad second half.

Telugu 360 Rating: 2.25/5

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