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Salaar Movie Review : Mind Blowing Action Blast

Salaar Movie Review

Salaar Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating : 3/5


In the year 1947, in the dystopian city of Khansaara, a bitter feud plagues the Royal Family. To prevent further chaos, the three factions agree to a ceasefire. Raja Mannar (played by Jagapathibabu) desires to crown his son Varadaraja Mannar (Pruthviraj Sukumaran), but his advisors conspire to eliminate Varadaraja. Deva (Prabhas) is Varadaraja’s childhood friend, vowing to provide assistance whenever needed.

Fast forward to 2017, Deva finds himself protecting Aadya (played by Shruti Hassan). The mystery unfolds as to why Deva has been tasked with safeguarding Aadya. The film also delves into how the 1947 feud in Khansaara city was ultimately resolved and explores the intricate connections between the past and the present.


It is important to clarify that “Salaar” is a standalone movie and has no direct connections with the “KGF” series. Director Prashanth Neel has maintained his signature style in “Salaar,” including the dystopian setting in the city of Khansaara. Fans can expect to see familiar elements such as the distinctive visual tone, weaponry, and high-energy mass elevation sequences that Neel is known for in his filmmaking.

The movie begins by showcasing the strong childhood bond between Deva and Varada. The director dedicates ample time to introduce Deva, the ‘Man in Exile,’ who has made Assam his home and is now protecting Aadya. The first half of the film moves at a leisurely pace, gradually building the story. However, the 30 minutes leading up to the interval are incredibly captivating. Director Neel skillfully harnesses the masculine qualities of the macho star Prabhas to create a riveting cinematic experience during this period. The interval sets the perfect stage for the second half, which unfolds in the fictional city of Khansara.

The Khansaara world presents a mixed experience. Immediately after the interval, a multitude of characters and relationships are introduced, which may cause some viewers to miss important details. The storytelling of the Ceasefire story, inspired by Game of Thrones and Mahabharata, could have been executed more effectively. The Narang episode and Climax episodes standout in the second half

The Bhuvan Gowda’s cinematography 100% follows the KGF’s dark tint. Ravi Barsur’s backgroud score elevates fee scenes, not upto the trendy BGM at times. Hombale Films has delivered commendable production values.

Director Neel has drawn inspiration from Rajamouli’s patterns on multiple occasions. The influence of scenes like the “Chatrapathi” interval block and “Baahubali” beheading scene is quite evident in the movie. He daringly set Khanasaara backdrop for second half, the stage has been set perfect for Salaar-2


– Massive action episodes
– Prabhas’s macho heroism elevation episodes
– The rustic setup
– The world of Khansaara sets up a different backdrop


– Mixed bag second half
– The emotional aspects in the movie are not adequately developed
– The dark tint might not be everyone’s favorite

Verdict: “Salaar” is an epic-scale action film with 5-6 moments of ultimate heroism. While there’s a sense that something is lacking, Prabhas’s macho presence shines brightly. The first half is solid, but the second half is a bit of a mixed bag. It’s worth a watch!

Telugu360 Rating : 3/5

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