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‘Skylab’ Movie review – Good attempt but a tedious watch

Skylab Movie review

Skylab Movie review

Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5


Set in 1979, What had happened in Bandalingampally village at the time of Skylab crash fear, is the theme of the film. It covers the lives of Gauri (Nitya Menon) a rookie journalist who was fired from a magazine, Anand ( Satyadev) a suspended doctor , Rama (Rahul Ramakrishna ) whose from a subedari family which rests on laurels


In July 1979 in real world there were reports that Skylab would be crashing down on Earth at an undetermined location. The rumors also stated that Skylab would fall particularly on Karimnagar district. Picking up on this interesting backdrop, debut writer director Vishvak Khandero made this film. Also, this film is produced and acted by Nitya Menon an impressive artist. This young director has succeeded in getting good art design, set properties to replicate the 1979’s rural ambience. The pristine telugu has been used throughout, the dialect also the team has got it right. The real incidents such as general public hiding in the temples, rich people going to bunkers and people leaving the area etc are covered in climax portions of the film but the fiction part of the story has three parallel threads of a rookie journalist Nitya Menon, a doctor Satyadev and Rahul Ramakrishna. This is where a better writing would have helped the film’s cause. Dora family of Gowri, the middle-class family of Anand and a Subedari family of Rama are realistic but the individual stories are where lack any depth, drama, conflict or emotion. Entire first half the director has tried to fill with subtle comedy but couldn’t succeed. On top of this, the slow-paced narration makes audience struggle to sit through. There isn’t a cinema material in the whole process. At the most, worth a try on OTT platforms.

In Pre-climax portions, where Gauri collects her village families’ wishful stories, the movie is pleasant and able to evoke some touching moments. Nitya Menon as Gauri is perfect fit, so is Satya Dev and Rahul Ramakrishna.

On technical side, Cinematography by Aditya is Good with cooler tints. Prashanth Vihari’s music is adequate. Young Director Vishvak is good in parts. Producers prithvi and nitya menon must be appreciated for a good attempt.


-Artwork of 1979 is nice
-Authentic village slang, Telugu vocabulary are aptly designed
-Pre-Climax portions are pleasant


-Attempted subtle comedy is boring
-Snail pace of the film tests patience
-Lack of emotional content

Verdict :

‘Skylab’ is an offbeat film that fails to leave an impression. The premise is an interesting one but not backed by engaging or creative story line.

Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5

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