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Amaravati should be second capital of India : TG Venkatesh


A strange demand has come up on Amaravati capital issue in AP and this has come from none other than an MP representing BJP.

BJP Rajya Sabha member TG Venkatesh, who defected from TDP demanded that Amaravati should be made as second capital of India.

He said Amaravati is best suited as the second capital of the country, when compared to Hyderabad both geographically and strategically.

He suggested YSRCP government to send proposals to the government to make Amaravati the second capital of the country while the state implements the three capital formula in AP.

He said that the BJP would rather indirectly support decentralization of administration.

If the Centre approves to relocate High court in Kurnool, it would mean that it approves the three capital formula of the YSRCP government, TS Venkatesh opined.

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AP may have 4 Capitals, says TG Venkatesh


Senior politician and former minister TG Venkatesh has dropped a political bombshell on the Amaravati farmers. He says he has got valid information from the top BJP leaders in Delhi. He says that CM Jaganmohan Reddy is definitely going to scrap the Amaravati Capital. Jagan has told the BJP Delhi leaders that he will not continue the Andhra Capital in Amaravati.

Venkatesh told the media that the YCP government is going to set up 4 Capital Cities for AP located at Vizianagaram, Kakinada, Guntur and Kadapa. Already, Jagan has created four separate planning boards for these regions. This gives rise to the doubts on the future policy of Jaganmohan Reddy.

Will Jagan build Assembly, Secretariat, High Court and Raj Bhavan buildings at all the four places? Venkatesh says that anything may happen in this regard. Jagan may build low cost buildings. But wherever he sits, that will be the super capital of Andhra.

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Shifting loyalties: TG Venkatesh and Kavuri to join YSRCP?

As elections are approaching many leaders are changing loyalties and shifting from one party to another. Of late, YSRCP is inundated with leaders from ruling TDP. As per the reports, latest in the list is TG Venkatesh and Kavuri Sambasiva Rao.

Kurnool MLA SV Mohan Reddy left the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP), the party from which he won in 2014, and joined ruling TDP. He was given the assurance of ticket in next elections that time. However, he is facing competition for the ticket this time from TG Bharat, son of Rajya Sabha MP TG Venkatesh. Earlier there was news that Nara Lokesh, son of CM Chandra Babu Naidu has confirmed Kurnool ticket to SV Mohan Reddy. Then, Rajya Sabha MP TG Venkatesh expressed his dissatisfaction on that news. TG Venkatesh is still confident of getting ticket for his son TG Bharat. However, there have been rumors in media circles that if TG Bharat is not given ticket, he will defect into YSRCP along with his son. TG Venkatesh was in TDP in 1999. He moved to Congress in 2004. He came back to TDP in 2014.

Similarly, former member of parliament Kavuri Sambasiva Rao is also planning to shift his loyalties to YSRCP, as per reports. Kavuri was once a very senior leader in Congress. He won as MP for 5 times. He has been a member of the 8th, 9th, 12th, 14th and 15th Lok Sabha of India. He was even the Ministry of Textiles, with cabinet rank, for India in UPA Government. Once he was permanent invitee for Congress Working Committee. But none of this stopped him to desert party after it’s debacle in 2014 and he joined BJP. As BJP also lost it’s ground in the state, now he is planning to join YSRCP. It is learnt that Daggubati Venkateswara Rao, who recently joined YSRCP is coordinating between Kavuri and Jagan. He is planning to contest as MP from Eluru again, as per reports. He represented this constituency earlier.

Tail piece:

Whenever a leader changes his political party, journalists use the phrase “shifted loyalties”. However, it seems, this phrase is not suitable for AP politics as there is no guarantee that the leaders who are changing the party will have their loyalty to this new party at least for a few months. For example, TG Bharat or Kavuri or Daggubati – all of these may not wait for even minutes to again change the party if they know that Jagan is not giving them ticket in 2019. So there is no concept of “loyalty” at all in current politics.

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TG’s compromise formula for Rayalaseema


TDP leader and Rayalaseema protagonist TG Venkatesh has a formula to deal with the resentment in the region, generated following the chief minister Chandrababu Naidu’s decision to locate the capital in Guntur district ignoring Kurnool. Locating second capital, he prescribes, in Rayalaseema will put an end to the antagonism developed in the region post bifurcation. His suggestion assumes significance in the backdrop of the spreading Rayalaseema movement, which is slowly gaining momentum with participation of many intellectuals from the region.

Venkatesh is the only TDP leader from Rayalaseem, who has been raising the capital issue. Venkatesh is the first leader to demand ‘one state or three states’ if the division is thrust on the people of the state of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. In his view, restoration of greater Rayalaseema consisting the existing four districts and parts of Nellore and Prakasam districts, would alone pave the path for the development of Rayalaseema as Rayalaseema and Andhra would be would be uneasy partners.
Now, having denied the capital city, the former minister is suggesting a way out to nip the Rayalaseema separate state movement in the bud. He says announcing second capital of the state for Rayalaseema is the best solution to prevent the Rayalaseema movement from transforming into a separate state movement. ” Separate state movement is not good for the state. Once the demand ignites the sentiment of the people, it would be difficult to extinguish, ” he warned the government. He said this in Kurnool in the presence important TDP leaders of the Kurnool district such as S V Mohan Reddy (MLC), Dhanareddy (former MLA, and chairman, district granthalaya samstha and former district TDP president Somisetti Venkateswarlu).

He cautioned Chandrababu Naidu not to ignore the Rayalaseema resentment as it had the potential to evolve into a separate statement. ” Another bifurcation movement won’t do good to the people of the state. So, conceding the second capital would address the Rayalaseema issues,” he said.
He also suggested Naidu to offer some more concessions to the angry Rayalaseema. They are: 1. Capital Amaravati should be made free zone. This is because, in the jobs generated in the Amaravati capital region, all regions should have equal share. if it is not made a free zone, according to Venkatesh, youth of backward districts would be at loss as they find it difficult to compete with the students of coastal districts. 2. The present development plan prepared for the Amaravati capital region should be decentralized. 3. The funds of special package being released by the centre under the special development plan for seven backward districts should be utilized for the intended purpose only and should not be diverted.
While dismissing the talk of his quitting the TDP, Venkatesh did not rule out the formation of new party in coordination with North Andhra protagonists, in case the government failed to do justice to Rayalaseema and other backward regions as per his compromise formula.

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‘Beware, R’seema resources going into private hands’


TG Venkatesh, the original protagonist of “One-state-or-Three -States” theory before the division of Andhra Pradesh, has warned the people of the region that the region’s barren lands, mines and other resources were being transferred into private hands making the region deprived of natural resources.

The TDP leader and former Congress minister said this type of policy towards Rayalaseema would lead the people into demanding separate Rayalaseema state to preserve the resources. These lands could well have been used to set up central and state industries instead of transferring them to private hands, he said. Though in a feeble manner, he raised separate Rayalaseema state slogan sowing the seed of separate movement. It is certain to germinate one day, if not tomorrow.

Rayalaseeam elites are coming out gradually to demand separate state. Incidentally, the voice is being raised by none other than TDP leaders. It clearly indicates that their honeymoon with TDP is over. While formation of Andhra Pradesh carried the fetus of Telangana separate state, the bifurcation Andhra Pradesh carried the fetus of separate Rayalaseema demand in its womb. For some time this may lie dormant. But, any political disillusionment with ruling party, at any time in future, will have the potential to ignite the sparks of movement.

In an indication to the shape of the things to come. Rayalaseeam & Uttarandhra Hakkula Aikya Vedika convenor T G Venkatesh warned the state and centre of launching a political outfit with an objective to demand separate Rayalaseema state. He said this was an inevitable fall out of the continued injustice being done to the region.

He said centre and state should now start addressing the demands of Rayalaseema.

The demands he raised are:

1. Setting up second capital in Rayalaseema

2. Announcement of blue print of the development of irrigation and Industries with guaranteed allocation of funds.

3. The region consisting of Kadapa, Kurnool, Anantapur and Chittoor – should be divided into eight districts

4. North Coastal Andhra districts of Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam should be divided into six districts

5. According to Venkatesh, they are interested in the second capital because associated development of the capital would help generated employment in the region. In his view there would be compulsory flow funds from centre and state apart from the private investment to the second capital.

8. “The decision to construct the new capital at Amaravati led to skyrocketing of land values and real estate boom in Krishna and Guntur districts. This benefitted not only farmers even the other section of society also.

9. Only such a decision alone would help Rayalaseema. So the region should be development second capital region in Andhra Pradesh. About 40,000 acres of government land is available in the vicinity of Kurnool .It is being alienated to industrialists by a single stroke by the Government. Instead these lands could be given given over to industries being set up by Central and State Governments, but not to private industrialists. He say Rayalaseema is getting transferred into private estates.

10. Sunkesula Dam should be constructed with a storage capacity of 15 to 20 tmc ft.

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Locate Second Capital in R’seema: TG


Vocal Rayalaseema leader and former minister, TG Venkatesh again raised his voice, albeit after a long silence. Venkatesh, who represented Kurnool Assembly constituency in previous Assembly, today asked TDP government to locate second capital of Andhra Pradesh in Rayalaseema or else face agitation. Talking to media in Tirupati , he said  Andhra Pradesh should take cue from Jammu& Kashmir, Maharashtra and Karnataka, to develop a second capital-model.

Venkatesh used to demand trifurcation of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, if division was inevitable, into Telangana, Rayalaseema and Andhra. He was of the opinion that Rayalaseema and Andhra were like square peg and round hole.

After the division, he joined TDP and discarded his theory of three states and Kurnool as the capital. Now, scaling down from Capital in Rayalaseema, he is settling down for second capital.

“If second capital is not located in the region, agitation is the only option for people of Rayalaseema” he cautioned the state government.

Similarly, he said, Tirupati should be developed on the lines of Vatican. The temple town should be free from meat and liquor, he added.

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