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T360 Exclusive : Tollywood Chicago Scandal – Audio tapes

Chicago scandal has become sensation in Tollywood ,across India and in NRI Circles. Telugu360 had covered those incidents in detail. For starters, read this article for chronology of events leading to USA authorities’ indictment of Kishan Modugumudi alias Sree Raj Chennupati.

Now , Telugu360 got hold of audio tapes of ‘Kishan Modugumudi’ in which he is heard haggling with a Tollywood anchor about a hotel, and warning her not to step outside of hotel in Dallas,TX

Tape – 1:

  • For Telugu celebrities who visit USA on invitation, the minimum courtesy from organizers is to book branded hotels like ‘ Hyatt ‘ and above. But , Kishan Modugumudi’s modus operandi is booking pretty ordinary hotels for ‘some’ of the celebrities whom he coordinates from India to USA. Kishan haggles with targetted celebs to stay at ordinary hotels because those hotels are ‘comfortable’ for his modus operandi. In the first tape, you can listen him saying those ordinary hotels are better than Hyatt and refers Hyatt as “cheap” hotels.

Tape -2 

  • Kishan continues to advocate for hotels of his choice and restricts the mobility of this celebrity.

Tape – 3 

  • America is a free country and on a B1 Visa , a visitor can travel anywhere in United States. In this tape, you can hear that Kishan mentioning ‘explicitly’ that the celebrity can’t travel anywhere without his knowledge.

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