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Writer Padmabhushan Movie Review

Writer Padmabhushan Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating : 2.75/5

Actor Suhas has come up with a family entertainer ‘Writer Padmabhushan’. The film is about the hopes of an aspiring writer to achieve success. From the day the teaser was released, movie is carrying good buzz. Let’s take a look at the complete review of the film:


A young writer Padmabhushan (Suhas) dreams of ending up as a famous writer someday. He publishes his own book by taking a loan of Rs 4 lakhs and is so passionate to make everyone read his book. He even drops free samples at parking lots and at a friend’s saloon. But no one shows interest in his book. Suddenly, Padmabhushan’s uncle Ramana Rao comes into the story with his daughter Sarika (Tina Shilparaj) claiming that they both are good fans of his work and brings in a marriage proposal. Padmabhushan comes to know that someone is using his name as a publisher. He remains silent and enjoys success with some guilt. The rest of the film is about Padmabhushan investigating about the writer who published a book in his name and how the twists in the story get unfolded.


Writer Padmabhushan’s story starts in Vijayawada, who lives with his middle-class family. Director Shanmukha Prashanth’s writing is fresh and we can see the struggle of a writer in every frame. The interval block comes with a twist and it was well handled by the writer. Kanna’s (Gowri Priya) character is one more addition to the story and the second half has less entertainment when compared to the first. Director has missed a few logic at times and has predictable twists and turns. The film manages you to have a smile on your face from the very beginning scene to the end. Some hilarious scenes add mileage to the film. The interval twist and climax portions are one more asset to the film.


Suhas is best as always. He plays the titular character. He expressed the struggle of an upcoming writer with fine expressions. Padmabhushan’s father Madhusudhan Rao (Ashish Vidyarthi) and mother Saraswathi (Rohini) are one of the highlights of the film. Their acting is good and they enjoying the success of their son with pride is remarkable. The film is packed with fun, emotions, humour and sentiment. But, the chemistry between the main lead is not up to the mark. Tina and Suhas’s chemistry dint came out well, yet Suhas and Tina are good when we look at them individually. Suhas’ expressions and struggle for love made the scenes come out well.

Sekhar Chandra’s music helped the movie big time. Venkat R Shakmuri’s camera work is also plus point for the film. Shanmukha Prashanth has succeeded in a good film with good humor. Production values are good. On the whole, Writer Padmabhushan is the right mix of entertainment and emotions.

Verdict :

‘Writer Padmabhushan’ is a fresh story with simple fun moments here and there Plus a good climax. Casting and performances work in favor, on flip side twists are cinematic. Overall, a decent watch for families and class audience.

Telugu360 Rating : 2.75/5

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