TDP dares Jagan to seek ‘fresh mandate’ on Capital shifting


TDP former MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao on Friday asserted that the people of Andhra Pradesh would get justice in the courts of law even though the AP Governor signed the two Capital shifting bills despite the blatant Constitutional violations resorted to by the YSRCP Government in this regard. He said the Governor-approved bills would not stand in the court as they were in utter violation of the AP Reorganisation Act 2014 and only aimed at creating regional differences and disturbances to divide people along political lines.

The TDP leader questioned the Constitutionality of the bills and challenged Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy to seek a fresh mandate. The CM should go for re-election immediately if he was so confident of the public approval of his decision to create 3 Capitals. The CM himself gave his nod for Amaravati as the one and only Capital City for AP prior to the 2019 election. As Opposition leader at that time, Mr. Jagan Reddy said on the floor of the Assembly that he was accepting Amaravati as Capital to avoid regional differences but now he took a total U-turn on this.

Mr. Bonda Uma dared the YSRCP to dissolve the Assembly and face fresh elections on the plank of creating 3 Capitals for the State. When Jagan Reddy could not finish Amaravati Capital, where 80 percent of works were already completed, it was highly doubtful that the CM could construct 3 Capitals now. In the past 14 months, Jagan Reddy has not spent a single rupee for development of Visakhapatnam and Rayalaseema. Nobody has any confidence in his leadership any more. The CM has taken a Tughlaq decision to shift Capital and stick to that without realising the injustice that he is going to do to the people of the State.

The TDP leader appealed to the AP people to see through the vicious plans of Mr. Jagan Reddy who was hell bent on providing regional feelings in North Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions. Over 34,000 farmers sacrificed their ancestral lands for the construction of Amaravati Capital but this CM has not recognised their sacrifice till now. Over Rs. 10,000 Cr was spent on Amaravati works already but the CM has no heart to accept its rich potential to emerge as a global city in future.

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  1. అమ్మ ఆశా దోస అప్పడం.నువ్వడంగగానే ఎలేచ్షన్స్ పెట్టేట్టరేంటి. దమ్ముంటే. 75 – 80 మంది వైసీపీ Mlas ని లాక్కోండి , లేదా ఎలేచ్షన్స్ వచ్చేదాకా ఆగండి. అప్పటిదాకా కాకి లాగా రావడమే. !

  2. ఇండియా కూడా త్రీ క్యాపిటల్స్ త్రీ pms ఉండాలి . ఇది న డిమాండ్.

  3. Jagan gadu మగాడు అయితే . మాడ గాడు కాకుంటే వెంటనే అసెంబ్లీ రద్దు చేసి ఎలేచ్షన్స్ కి వెళ్ళాలి . అసెంబ్లీ రద్దు చెయ్యాలంటే కారణాలు అక్కరలేదు. మండలి కి సెంటర్ permission ఇవ్వాలి. అసెంబ్లీ రద్దు చేసి టీడీపీ అన్నిటికి ఎదురొస్తుంది. కాబట్టి నన్నే గెలిపించండి. 3. కాకుంటే 13 , కాకుంటే 25 రాజధానులు పెడతాను. తుగ్లక్ ని మించిపోతాను అని ఎన్నికలకు వెళ్ళాలి. మగాడు అయితే మాడ గాడు కాకుంటే . మగతనాన్ని నిరూపించుకోవాలి.


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