TDP leaders not shocked by arrests anymore!!


After initial hesitancy, the TDP leaders are now mentally prepared to go to jail and spend their time behind the bars. The initial shock is gone and they are now preparing to brave arrests. Political analysts feel this fighting spirit is a welcome development.

In the last two years, several TDP biggies have been arrested. First it was Atchen Naidu, later it was Kollu Ravindra. Senior leader like Dhulipalla Narendra, former Whip Kuna Ravikumar, ex-MLAs Chintamaneni Prabhakar, BC Janardhan Reddy, Nallamilli Ramakrishna Reddy, JC Prabhakar Reddy, MLC BTech Ravi were arrested on some pretext or the other. Former ministers Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, Nimmakayala China Rajappa and Ayyanna Patrudu have all been booked in various cases. Many of these cases are of very minor nature. For instance, both Yanamala and China Rajappa were booked for attending a wedding. Ditto with BTch Ravi.

Initially, the TDP leaders, who have never visited jails, were apprehensive, but now most leaders are getting used to the repression. They are now adjusting to the new reality and feel that a short stint in prison may be inevitable to fight the larger battle against the YSRCP rule. Hence the shock and surprise element of the arrest is slowly vanishing among the TDP leaders.

In fact, Devineni Uma has been daring the YSRCP to arrest him for the past two years. On many occasions, he has challenged the government. In fact, on one occasion, he even staged a sit-in in Gollapudi and asked the government to arrest him. Incidentally, he has not been arrested in connection with the functioning of his ministry and the awarding of the contracts in the irrigation department. Finally, he was arrested in connection with a petty incident. This only shows that the YSRCP is bent on putting TDP stalwarts in prison on some pretext or the other.

The shock and awe seen during Atchen Naidu’s arrest was not seen during Uma’s arrest. He looked brave and strong in the face of an arrest. The TDP leaders are increasingly getting ready to battle it out. This will only portray the YSRCP in bad light and the TDP would end up getting sympathy, analysts feel.

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  1. RK. Cheppaduga. Andaru okasari. Jail ki vellalisinde. A1 unnantha kalam. Kasi tirchukuntunnadu. ABN. RK. Correct ga cheppadu. Uchha posukunna , two ki poyina arrest chestunnadu piga donga sc,St. caselu.


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