TDP MP minces words on video, alleges it’s fabricated


After video went viral in social media in which TDP members of parliament seen talking sarcastically about aspiration of Telugu people like Railway zone and ridiculing hunger strikes of their own party now MP Avanthi Srinivas came to media to give explanation about that video ( )

As everyone expected, he alleged, it is a fabricated video prepared and circulated by political opponents. When asked about his comments on ridiculing railway zone (He was seen saying zone Ledu, geen Ledu), he told he was requesting JC Diwakar Reddy to not tell such words as he is planning to go on hunger strike for railway zone in future. When asked about Murali Mohan saying, he wants do fasting for one week as he wants to lose 5 kgs of weight, MP Avanthi Srinivas told Murali Mohan was actually talking about his capacity that he can do fasting only for one week and not more than that and he is so serious about taking up a hunger strike for the sake of people. He added, nobody can be doubt or question their (TDP MPs) dedication in achieving Railway zone steel plant and other such demands from centre

Even though MP tried his best to cover up for the video it is doubtful if people really buy in his arguments.

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