Tollywood before and after Coronavirus


The deadly coronavirus shattered all the fields of the globe apart from killing lakhs of people. The film industry is badly impacted and there are no traces of the reopening of theatres anytime soon. The movie shoots in the future will have enough restrictions. Here are some of the drastic changes in Tollywood before and after corona:

Shootings and Locations: There would be a huge restriction in the locations. The number of crew cannot be huge and there should be social distancing. One cannot walk on to the sets as a guest like before because of the new guidelines. Everyone is aware of the new set of rules that the government announced.

Public shoots: Right from short films to the movies, everyone had their freedom to shoot in public places and on the roads. Now, most of the films have to be shot indoors and in closed sets.

Heaped Budgets: With the new rules, the producers will have to shell out a good amount of money to protect the cast, crew and make them comfortable. With most of the outdoor locations unavailable, the producers will have to pay huge amounts for sets or hired floors.

Tensed situations: The movie shoots used to be full of fun for the producers and the actors, technicians. But now the situations would be tensed because of the coronavirus scare. One unexpected incident will ruin the energy on the sets.

Business Risks: The producers cannot make out profits like in the past before the release. Right from the theatrical rights to the non-theatrical rights, there would be a cut because of the financial crisis. The distributors and exhibitors are left puzzled if the audience will return to theatres like in the past.

Season Clash: Tollywood is slowly adapting the techniques from Hollywood and Bollywood. They are announcing the release dates well in advance. Now with the coronavirus hit, the entire chart of release dates is disturbed. Most of the films will now compete to release during seasons like Dasara, Sankranthi and summer because of the scare that the audience will not watch films during the non-holiday season. This would result in a revenue difference for every film.

Remunerations: There would be a cut in the remunerations of actors and technicians as the producer will not be able to mint money for time being. It would be quite good if everyone stands as a support for the producer.

Waiting Mode: Several directors and producers will be left in waiting mode as the stars have to complete their current commitments. With no scope for small budget films to make money in theatres, all the filmmakers would approach stars and will have to wait for a longer time to make a film.

No Foreign Shoots: With travel restrictions in this coronavirus season, it would take more than a year and a half for the things to calm down. No star would take a risk to head to a foreign locale to shoot his film in this crisis. They would have to restrict themselves and shoot within the country though the story demands foreign locations.

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  1. Inko one year daka industry bathuku inte. Rasi pettukondi. Yevadi cinimalaki la Balu ravu . Corona inka goramga tayaravudfi india lo kanisam 30000 mandhi pine potaru ee rendu nelallo malli lockdown pettakapote .tarwata business lu inka debba tentayi. Janalu daggara dabbu undadu , Batam peruguddi . Nasanam


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