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Nowadays the organizations consider agile technique superior as it deals with the demand and expectations of the rapidly developing IT market. Due to the high demand of the agile professionals in the IT industry, the agile certifications became a suitable career option.

Agile certification is helpful for fast software delivery and enhances the delivery predictability. In fact, this certification reduces the final cost of the project and provides you identification in the global market.

Agile Technology and IT Business

Agile is a trending way that allows the project managers to handle software development and testing in a phased manner. It has taken the industry to new heights. According to the agile report of Version one, it confirms that Agile is used by up to 97% of the organizations in various forms.

As per the twelfth 2018 state of agile survey, the organizations understand the importance of adopting the agile method and hence embracing the agile method is increasing day by day. Also, this method offers a reduction in the project cost, speeds up the software delivery process, and increases the predictability of delivery and alignment with the business. Due to this reason, the demand for IT professionals with the knowledge of agile principles and applications are increasing.

At StarAgile, the value of agile methodology is well understood and hence offers training to help IT professionals get certified at ease to stay ahead in their profession.


It is a new concept in the IT sector. Most of the organizations opt for DevOps professionals in recent years, and hence IT professionals can get a better opportunity by completing this certification program. However, there is a significant gap between the attraction towards the DevOps certified experts and the accessibility of that. Therefore a certification course will help bridge the gap.

DevOps being a continuous process, it uses several tools. In fact, DevOps is the highly preferred technology in the IT industry that provides the maximum pay annually to the certified experts,

Can you imagine, the normal annual salary of a DevOps certified professional’s ranges between USD 130 and 150K/annum. The DevOps professionals do the design and set up the infrastructure, programming in Python/PHP/Ruby/Perl, and integrating the cloud services for automation.


Scrum Alliance is a well established powerful professional, membership and certification in the agile industry and offers the CSM certification program. This certification program allows the professionals to create a structure of the knowledge of the scrum along with its primary roles namely

– Scrum Master

– Product Owner

– Development Team

Also, it provides detailed insight into the scrum ceremonies,

– Sprint Planning
– Backlog Refinement
– Sprint Retrospective
– Sprint Demo
– Daily Standup
– Artifacts – Product, Sprint backlogs and increments.

However, the Scrum certification requires plenty of hard work, courage, and dedication towards the development. This can be attained by taking part in the training program.

The details of the exam are:

– It is a 1-hour exam
– 50 multiple-choice questions.
– Upon scoring 74% mark one is eligible to get certified.
– It is a must to take the training in person for 2 full days of 16 hours.


Certified Scrum Product Owner is also provided by the Scrum Alliance. This certification program is suitable for people with talent to understand the software projects from the business side. By achieving this certificate you will be eligible to determine the product vision, categorize the product backlog by keeping the essential user stories on the top and please the end-users by providing the most effective features. You will be also accountable for making the most of the ROI.

By achieving the CSPO certificate you will get a 2-year membership in the Scrum Alliance. This membership will be helpful in joining the local community groups and becoming eligible for rebates on regional and global scrum gatherings. There is no examination required for getting Product Owner certification.


Project management institute offers the Agile Certified Practitioner certificate which teaches about Agile Manifesto, principles, and techniques. This certification program also includes several perspectives to Agile like

– Scrum
– Lean (Kanban)
– Extreme programming (XP)
– Crystal
– TDD.

The PMI ACP certification gives the confirmation that you have experience in the agile techniques, skills, and projects. PMI-ACP is more accurate than other certification programs because it examines your theoretical and practical knowledge of agile and real-world experience with agile skills.

The details of the exam are:

– Exam duration: 3 hours, 120 questions and get 70% to qualify for a certificate
– You require 2000 hours of work experience in managing projects
– 1500 hours of work experience in agile projects/methodologies
– Additionally, attend 21 hours of classroom training to appear for the exam


SAFe certification is offered by the Scaled Agile Academy. This academy is famous for offering a scaled agile structure for enterprise agility. This certification program is accepted worldwide, including the fortune 100 companies.

The professionals who achieved this certificate can help the organizations in the development of lean-agile principles, successfully implement program increments, add value to the business with release trains, and finally create the portfolio with lean budgets.

The details of the exam:

– 1.5-hour online exam
– 45 MCQs
– 75% pass percentage
– Recruitment process: 21 hours in-person training program conducted by an IC agile authorized trainers.


PMP certification is a top certification program that is offered by Project Management Institute; PMI. It is very popular among the recruiters because it can enhance your ability to lead and manage a team. In fact, a PMP certified professional has 22% to 25% more preference compared to the non-certified competitors. This certification program helps the individual in analyzing the 5 measured for self-development.

– Initiate
– Plan
– Execute
– Monitor
– Control

These above methods allow the recruiters to examine the professionals.


– One can get the PMP certificate by having a basic bachelor education as well as experience in managing projects for a minimum of 4500 hours.

– If a person doesn’t have the qualification in education, then he/she the experience hours are increased to 7500 hours to become eligible for PMP certification.

– Also, a 35-hour contact certificate is essential for the certification.

The PMP certified professional earns 23% more salary when compared to other project managers.

Final thoughts:

Get ready to meet the challenge the IT market has in store for you. However, no need to panic, as we have listed you with all the top IT certifications. Make the year 2020 the most beneficial year by choosing the right course and upgrade your skills to open up new opportunities for yourself.

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