Vangaveeti man takes dictation from Devineni clan


Politics makes strange bed-fellows. But, these unlikely alliances cause a lot of inconvenience too. The newly appointed Kapu Corporation chairperson Adapa Seshu is learning this fast. He now realizes that his political elevation has its own strange set of problems.

Adapa Seshu is a known Vangaveeti Ranga acolyte. His politics began with Ranga’s son Vangaveeti Radhakrishna. He made his political foray with Radha in 2004 elections. Later, Radhakrishna himself made Adapa Seshu a corporator in Vijayawada municipal chairperson. All through he stayed by Radha’s side but in 2019, Radhakrishna joined the TDP. At this point, he parted company with Radhakrishna and stayed with the YSRCP.

In the post 2019 developments, Vangaveeti family’s arch rival Devineni Nehru’s son Devineni Avinash joined the YSRCP and was soon appointed YSRCP Vijayawada incharge. Now, Seshu’s political mentor Vangaveeti is in TDP and his arch rival Devineni is in YSRCP. Now, Seshu is forced to engage Devineni Avinash and keep a distance from Vangaveeti. Now with his appointment as the AP Kapu Corporation chief, Seshu’s problems have only grown manifold.

He is now a state-level Kapu figure. But in Vijayawada, he has to meet Devineni Avinash, who belongs to a social community that is considered a rival of the Kapus. So, every time he is meeting Avinash, Seshu is facing backlash from his own community. He is being trolled on social media and the Kapus are showing unabashed anger at him. Seshu is finding it very difficult to convince his own community on this issue. A Vangaveeti acolyte, Seshu is now forced to be pally with Devineni clan. This is turning out to be a tight-rope walk for him.

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