Vijayasai back in full form from Covid cure, defends Jagan


YCP firebrand MP Vijayasai Reddy has recovered from Coronavirus infection and relaunched his attacks on the Opposition with redoubled vigour. His immediate task is to direct his attacks on the Amaravati issue. He fully defended CM Jagan Reddy’s review of the Amaravati Metropolitan Region Development Authority (AMRDA).

What more, Vijayasai clarifies to one and all that the CM’s fresh efforts would bring in even greater development and prosperity than that promised by the previous Chandrababu Naidu government in Amaravati Capital region area. The 3 Capitals decision would not cause any harm to Amaravati residents. Nothing wrong in CM Jagan in reviewing AMRDA activities.

Vijayasai Reddy has asked the people to carefully go through the details of the CM review. They would be able to realise the good things that would happen to Amaravati because of AMRDA activities. No injustice would be done to the farmers who gave their ancestral lands for the construction of Amaravati Capital.

At the same time, Vijayasai Reddy gave a big twist, saying that the Government would not give any guarantee to the real estate brokers who bought lands in Amaravati region. Analysts say that the YCP top leaders were continuing the same aggressive stand to strike fear in the hearts of pro-Amaravati agitators and gain a psychological advantage through issues like AMRDA. In the real battle in the courts, the Government is on the losing edge. Time will tell whether the CM will overcome the legal battles or not.

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  1. ఇద్దరు కలిసే పోవాలిగా జైలు కి లైఫ్ లాంగ్. ఇప్పుడు బాగా చూసుకుంటే జైల్లో బాగా చూసుకుంటాడు. బతికినంత కాలం.


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