What are the underrated genres of online games?


There are many different categories of games but in this article, we will take a look at some of the underrated genres of online games.

It can seem that games are becoming more formulaic and alike, whether they are action-adventure, first-person shooter, or sports-themed. That is only true, though, if you ignore the creative ferment occurring in independent and developer-led areas all around the industry.

There are several unique and genre-bending titles to check out in those areas, which convey a very different story. Here are a few seriously underappreciated gaming genres. While not all of these are inherently obscure, most are sadly disregarded and offer plenty of fresh gameplay experiences.

Combat games like Roguelikes

Roguelikes and Roguelites adopt the same fundamental structure as the dungeon-crawling classic Rogue from the 1980s. Hades is a prime example of this genre and entails exploration and battle that are produced procedurally, with the constant threat of permanent death in the case of the former.

In contrast, roguelites have a meta-game overlay that keeps the skills, gear and unlockables you earn from playthrough to playthrough. That is not to imply that they are any simpler—far from it—but they do provide greater motivation to play and discover new features

Online aviator games are one of the prime examples of combat games. The recent releases of Dead Cells, FTL: Faster Than Light and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth are further notable examples of roguelites.

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Classic games

Any video games that are based on classic, tangible leisure titles are considered classics. These include classic strategy tests, casino games and even well-known board games. Many of these can now be experienced in the form of contemporary video games. One powerful example of this is chess. It is one of the oldest games still played today, having its beginnings in the Indian subcontinent in the sixth century AD.

Over the past ten years, virtual chess variations, including those provided by websites like Chess.com, have become more prestigious even though the real game still has the upper hand. Because of this, chess has been rediscovered by a new generation and as a result, it is currently one of the esports with the fastest growth rates worldwide. Slot machines are another kind of game with a lengthy history, particularly in casinos.


In the realm of gaming, while popular genres may seem repetitive, exploring independent and developer-led creations reveals a wealth of unconventional experiences. Roguelikes/Roguelites like Dead Cells and chess’s resurgence in the digital space exemplify this diversity. These underappreciated genres offer unique narratives and gameplay, revitalizing classic forms into thriving esports.

As technology advances, these overlooked niches highlight gaming’s richness, inviting exploration beyond the familiar. Embracing these diverse genres fosters a gaming landscape brimming with innovation and possibility, urging players to venture into uncharted territories for fresh, captivating experiences.

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