Why is Kaushal still dragging ‘sympathy card’ ?


Kaushal emerged as winner in Bigg Boss season 2 Telugu. Undoubtedly, he is the one who got benefited the most from Bigg Boss season 2 Telugu. He gave an interview to a Telugu channel and he was seen playing sympathy card again in that interview.

Kaushal told in that interview, none of the housemates called him after the show to congratulate him or to talk to him. It looks like, Kaushal is still carrying the hangover of the game, even after coming out of the house. To be frank, he didn’t have good relations with any of the housemates ( except Nutan Naidu ) and he himself told that he intentionally avoided such bondings and relations so as to focus on the game. So it was him who wanted to avoid relations with other housemates but not vice versa, as admitted by himself.

Moreover, forming any relation, is most of the times a two sided process. it cannot be a one side process. If they did not call him, how about him calling any of the housemates. It seems Kaushal wants to get carried away with the same negative emotions even after coming out of the house. We will have to wait and see how and whether this will help him in shaping his future.

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  1. Thank you Telugu 360 for your right analysis. I think Kaushal is still in that game mode while other contestants are happily back to their normal lives.
    He wanted to be alone. He never allowed any contestant to come close. Then he persistently complained with loud voice and emotion that all are making him “ekaaki” (loner). He gained sympathy because of this. This shows that he not only fooled housemates but he fooled all the people who sympathised with him about him fighting a lone battle.
    Pooja Ramachandran rightly told him that it is not that he is kept separate by others but he himself is keeping distance from everyone and commenting on the same.
    How is it possible that all the other 16 contestants simultaneously felt that this person is going to be the winner and so let us not allow him close to us. It is his strategy and game plan.
    He stooped to such an extent that he converted a simple conversation about bigg boss not sending any person on his birthday into people scheming against him and his little daughter.
    He irritated the contestants to such an extent that they went after him and he called them Dogs. He gave shitty and stupid explanation about it when asked by Nani. He told plain lies when Nani asked him why he abused Roll raida, that he was mesmerised by the arrival of his son, whereas his son came after that incident .


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