Why TRS Government is ignoring these employees unions?


Several government employees unions in Telangana are up in arms at the way the Telangana Government was ignoring them. They are upset that the government was according importance to just two unions and ignoring the others. They feel that the TRS has used them during the Telangana agitation, but was marginalizing them.

There are several government employees unions and teachers associations in the state. They had played a key role in organizing agitations in support of the Telangana cause. But, on any major issue, the government is not even trying to talk to these unions. Only two unions are being invited for consultations. On any issue of importance, only TGO and the TNGO were consulted. On the teachers issue, only PRTU is being called for discussions.

Sources say the government has issued a notification specifying the organizations to be invited for any consultation pertaining to the Government employees and teachers. Sources say that during the consultations on the issue of the PRC, many unions had asked uncomfortable questions. Since then, the government has decided to talk to only two unions. On the issue of division of the employees, the CM has held consultations with TGO and the TNGO This was also mentioned in the specific guidelines issued by the government.

The leaders of the other employees unions suspect that by not inviting the other unions for consultations, the government is trying to weaken these unions. This will also lead to differences among the various unions. Now each union is suspecting the other. The other unions feel that this will further weaken the cause of the employees. The State government is tight lipped about this so far.

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