Will Tollywood follow the OTT Deadline?


Tollywood producers are not on the same word about the OTT deals. The early digital release of Telugu films are having a huge impact on the theatrical run and a section of audience are not in a mood to watch the films in theatres. A series of meetings are conducted in the recent times and the first two of them did not end on a positive note. The recent meeting concluded after the producers agreed for 50 days gap between the theatrical and digital release. There is no unity among the producers as most of them are not bothered about the deadline.

The digital platforms too are offering huge amounts for the early OTT deals. Some of them are offering more prices after the film’s theatrical release. There should be strict guidelines issued by the Producers Council and they should be implemented at any cost to prevent further damage. With the theatrical market shrinking, several distributors are not ready to pay hefty prices and are not in a mood to ink non-refundable deals. Tollywood producers have to be strict on the OTT deals to save the theatrical market.

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  1. Whether. It is. 50 days or. 100 days. OTT. Viewers. Won’t. Go to. Theaters. More over if if it is delayed. OTT. Platforms. Will reducer. The. Price. For. Producers. It is. Loss to producers only. So it is better. For producers to sell as directed by. OTT s. For their. Good.
    Only thing is. Paycheques for all big actors should be reduced. By. 25%. And. Reduce unnecessary spending should be reduced
    Theaters should be clean and. Eatables. Should be at lesser price. And. Should allow. Minimum drinking water to theaters. Parking charges should be reduced. Drastically.
    Then only. People will start to come to theaters. Don’t forget. Movie should be. Good. Unlike hero fighting & killing. 100s. Of people. And. Dancing with heroines. Etc. and. No. Jabardast comedy. Like. F2, sari leru nikevvaru , F3. And. Acharya


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