YSRCP leaders in the trap of political opponents, Jagan irked


YSRCP leaders seemed to be fully trapped by the political opponents in the last couple of weeks and the inability of the party leaders to counter the allegations made by the opposition seems to have irked the party supremo Jagan.

Pawan trapped the Nanis and other YSRCP leaders:

YSRCP leaders spent the last week of 2020 completely defending themselves against the allegations made by Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan. In fact, YSRCP leaders did not expect such a huge response to his tour. Pawan too targetted the sycophancy of some leaders of YSRCP vehemently and his comments went viral on social media, giving headache to YSRCP leaders. In a vain attempt to defend themselves, they lambasted Pawan as a package star, but that allegation has now become a cliche and didn’t have any impact on the people. At the same time, Pawan’s allegations on Kodali Nani that he is more interested in his clubs rather than the roads of Gudivada found huge acceptance among the people of his own constituency. While YSRCP leaders targetted Pawan with personal attacks, Janasena leaders question YSRCP not assisting cyclone-affected farmers.

Now YSRCP in BJP’s trap:

BJP, the party that got lesser votes than NOTA in 2019, has now found an agenda to embarrass YSRCP in the state. The damage to Hindu Temples and the government’s inability to find and punish the victims has become a huge turning point in the politics of AP. The way the Ramateertham incident unfolded is a clear indication of how AP politics will turn in the near future. Jagan and his party leaders are not able to counter strongly whenever ‘religion’ is at the core of the issue.

Jagan irked with YSRCP leaders getting trapped:

Jagan seems to have been irked with the current developments. It seems Jagan’s plan was to heavily advertise the government’s scheme of distributing housing plots to the people but even the ministers who convened the press meets to praise the government and hail Jagan’s decisions got trapped when the reporters asked them questions on Pawan’s comments about Gudivada roads and farmers’ issues and on the attacks on Hindu temples. They spent more time answering these questions and defending themselves rather than publicizing the housing for all scheme. At the same time, there are more people who did not get the plots than those who got and those who did not get the plots are accusing about politicizing the scheme and benefitting only a few.

Overall, YSRCP government seems to be in an embarrassing position at the moment as they are yet to punish the culprits who damaged the temples and yet to provide the assistance to the farmers.

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